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Tsl Hak Pad

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Posted 28 August 2008 - 08:39 PM

Hello Xbox modders!!!!!!! Well after searching for a couple months I finally have the TSL Hak Pad working on the Xbox. This is the TSL Hak Pad with the booster pack. All you need to do is extract the Override folder and place it in your KotOR 2 game folder on your Xbox's HDD. I don't really know if this mod is compatible with other mods all I know is you cannot overwrite the spells.2da.

Directions: Go to a workbench and there'll be an option like something to do with a Wrist Console. Go to it, make the console and equip it. Now go to where your force powers would normally be, scroll through, you'll see "Your Name" Wrist Console. Now press A on it. It'll load up, then when it's up go to make custom items. There'll be an option for the TSL Hak Pad. Select it, now scroll through your force powers things again and you'll see TSL Hak Pad, have fun with it!

Note: You don't need to equip the TSL Hak Pad, it doesn't appear in the inventory and auto equips.

This includes the following:
- Darth333's Wherami Armband
- RedHawke's Mistake Correction Armband
- mrdefender's Wrist Console

Download: TSL Hak Pad.rar

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