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Envizions Evo The Smart Console

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Posted 23 October 2008 - 05:12 PM

From what I read this is basically a PC in a console form, and a litle expensive but still looks like a cool investment. Since this is basically a PC that can have Linux and Windows OS on it I assume you can play Windows PC games on? Not sure what to expect but here is info on it.


ANNISTON, AL--(Marketwire - October 14, 2008) - Envizions Computer Entertainment announced that the Mirrors Evolution 1.0 is scheduled to go on sale November 18, 2008. Mirrors Evolution is a commercial open source application that provides next generation applications such as gaming, VoIP, storage, cloud computing, game development, social network and multi-media applications. The Mirrors Evolution was designed on a modified version of Fedora 8. When the Mirrors Evolution disc is loaded over the Fedora 8 OS, new features will be available, yet maintaining the original Fedora features and applications. Updates will be released as phases per updates. Mirrors E

ANNISTON, Ala./Oct. 09, 2008 --- Envizions announced today that the EVO Smart Console tagged the “System of Tomorrow” will soon be open to pre-orders on all Envizions websites. The EVO Smart Console is the first open source hybrid Linux gaming system that will provide system of tomorrow applications. This release will be geared toward game developers, open source users, and earlier adopters. The mainstream release will be sometime next year.
The key features are level one super cloud computing applications, multi-desktop virtualization, gaming, place shifting/remote access, voice recognition, biometrics, DVR, internet television, HD, social networking connectivity, streaming content, downloaded content, VOD (Video on Demand), game SDK, VoIP home, Linux automatic backup storage and PC in one unit. Customers will be able to choose from several software application updates and flexible security protection check-ups. The system can come pre-loaded with Microsoft Windows for an additional price of $100.
Another unique benefit is that customers can reduce their monthly utility cost using Envizions triple/quadruple/quintuple play services consisting of: DSL, VOD, VoIP, gaming, and Backup Storage. Price packages are not available, but will be cost effective with considerable savings in most markets. Customers will receive benefit from annual cost savings approximating to $500. Business customers will also benefit from low cost biometric and automatic/remote storage features.
The system will also allow small to triple A development teams to work in a “cloud” environment corresponding with team members from around the world. Other key benefits include: Envizions Network distribution, monetizing and promotion. The network is designed for developers such as: music, content providers, game developers, artist, etc.
The console will be distributed with a modified Fedora OS 8 that is pre-loaded on the system. Customers have the ability to pull the new Mirrors Evolution software from Envizions “cloud” environment at their discretion. The Mirrors software will provide the “System of Tomorrow” applications. Customers will be able to purchase additional third party applications if needed. EVO leverages its cloud “network” which acts as an intranet or gateway server to Envizions back end mainframe.
The EVO Smart console was designed to integrate Internet, software and hardware. Customers will be able to communicate, share, store, make calls, video conference, and use and develop “cloud” gaming applications from one platform. Customers can use their existing ISP wired service or purchase Envizions DSL services if available in certain states.
“The process has been long and filled with extraordinary challenges to bring about one of the most diverse “cloud” platform systems ever,” states Derrick Samuels CEO and Founder of Envizions. “We designed and envisioned this product to make a tremendous impact in reducing monthly cost and in order to provide user friendly applications,” he adds.
The impact of a system of this magnitude has set in motion two launch dates for EVO. The first hardware launch date will be November 20, 2008; consisting of hardware with chosen features. The second release date has not been scheduled, it will consist of the first software downloads from the “cloud.”
The system will retail for $599 with a subsidize rebate plan that would reduce the cost to $249. Only 500 to 1,300 units will be available for US and Canada.

About Envizions Computer Entertainment Corp.

Envizions Computer Entertainment Corporation was incorporated on August 10, 2004, and founded by Derrick Samuels. With main headquarters located at 801-5 Noble Street in Anniston, Alabama, the company is involved in electronic devices, media and publishing. The company's most ambitious project is the highly anticipated EVO Smart Console. For more information, visit http://www.evo-phase1.com, www.envizionsinc.com, www.pitchbuzz.com

IPB Image

EVO Smart Console Technical Specifications:

Software - Linux/Convert to Mirrors Evolution

CPU - Athlon 64x2 5600+2.90GHz

64 Bit Support: Yes

GPU - ATI HD 3200 Chipset

Support 1080i and 1080p/HDCP

Support H.564 VC1 and Mpeg 2-video decode

Support DVI/HDMI

Memory - 2GB DDR2

Storage - 120 GB Hard drive with support for virtual unlimited storage

Drive - CD - DVD ROM

Front - I/O Port 2xUSB (V2.0)

(2) Ethernet Port

Virtualization Technology Support: Yes

Width - 300mm

Height - 65mm

Length - 273mm

Virtual EVO Console Network

The EVO Smart console was designed to integrate with the Internet, software and hardware. Customers will be able to communicate, share, store, phone calls,and cloud gaming applications from one platform.

Envizions proudly announces the release of its new OS, Mirrors Evolution. Mirrors is a Linux-based OS that embraces the functionality of Linux fused with our customized features such as PitchBuzz.com, a social network exclusively found on this OS. NVE TV is quality internet TV featuring twenty-eight channels. Mirrors Evolution also ships with Envizions' modified version of the Crystal Space Engine for the development of games, movies, and graphic designs. Users of this OS will be given the option of using Envizions Computer Entertainment Corporation's dedicated server to store data and information. The OS is also delivered with support and service. The Mirrors Evolution OS will be compatible with the EVO Smart Console. Each Mirrors Evolution OS package comes with 10GB of Free storage and 1 year of basic Envizions VoIP service. Included is one free telephone number. This does not include any equipment or other services that must be purchased separate. Other restrictions will apply

EVO Features:
Biometric - Envizions is the first company to offer an integrated biometric scanner inside a media center, deny unauthorized users or save your game progress. (Saving game progress is a Phase Two feature.)

DVR - Pause, rewind or record live TV.

Video-on-Demand – Customers can now access videos, movies or documentaries with video demand application.

Streaming: Stream your live TV, photos, music and videos to any web-enabled device any where in the world.

Games - Download or EVOconsole.

HDTV - EVO supports HDTV with HDMI support.

PC - Surf the net or do basic or intense computer applications.

Accessories - Choose from many accessories to plug into EVO.

Support - Envizions provides tech support in all 50 states. Customers can apply for extra onsite service for system upgrades.


No system can duplicate the many amazing features EVO can deliver. Stream live TV, videos, music, or photos to any EVO Smart Console in the world. Connect directly to other EVO owners anytime. With each EVO comes Orb Networks, Inc. place-shifting software that can send all your photos, music, live TV to any PDA, laptop, or any web-based product.

Don’t worry about game content. EVO has access to thousands of games from EVO Direct, a web based site, or you can stream your games monthly. More games are on the way when Phase Two arrives with EVO CONNECT: PC gaming, console gaming, streaming and web-based connect all under one network.

The EVO design is sleek and can fit in any home entertainment center. One unit with endless features for the entire family. Evolving eVeryOne

Our slogan means that anyone can enjoy EVO. Parents, teens, and kids can experience the power, unique features and excitement of EVO.
Take your games with you! The same exciting Amiga arcade games that you play on your EVO can be played on your PDA, Desktop Computer and other Windows Mobile Devices. Play wherever you go, with Amiga and EVO.

WHY EVO Smart Console?

1. Service Saving:
EVO is designed for users who wish to reduce DSL, VoIP, and VOD costs, but additionally receive an added benefit with back-up storage and remote access. Estimated savings range from $150 to $600. (Chat, *video conference, and MP3) On-site and remote services are available if needed.
*Coming soon.

2. Hardware Security:
EVO is engineered with a built-in biometric sensor for additional security protection. Logins are secure on any and all websites. EVO comes equipped with biometric features: facial, voice, or fingerprint. (Optional payment method for products and services using fingerprint biometrics in the EVO store. EVO hardware needed.)

3. Tools:
Envizions “Cloud” Network positions users to access open source and commercial software applications without searching the Internet. With virtualization, the process of running more than one OS is possible, and EVO simplifies that task. Run an authorized copy of Windows alongside Linux! Virtualization confirms that the EVO Smart Console truly is an all-in-one system of tomorrow. PC and office tools are just click away with EVO. EVO comes equipped with a full PC platform out of the box.

4. Software Security:
Envizions Network protects against virus, spyware, and malware—with regular system checks that operate in the background without hindering the user experience. The “cloud” can detect and heal affected program applications without slowing down system effect.

5. HD:
The EVO Smart Console supports 1080i and 1080p, for the best high-definition quality resolutions.

6. Gaming:
EVO open-source gaming makes it easy for users to play and enjoy games that are developed by associated gamers. EVO is the first 100% digital game download platform. Future games will be played from the “cloud” with maximum effectiveness. Envizions will introduce the first Linux HD games.

7. Development:
The EVO Network allows game developer team members or artist, music, and content team members to work within the “cloud” network to plan, organize, and implement projects, within a safe and efficient structure. For game developers, the Mirrors Evolution software comes with a built-in game-lockout code, to make customized Envizions games, and is pre-installed with the open-source game engine Crystal Space.

8. Combination:
EVO is designed to maximize fully Internet cloud computing, software, and hardware, to achieve the best results, regardless of the functionality in which the customer decides to use the system. EVO can pull content from NVETV, get news from Green Earth, or stay connected with family and friends with Pitch Buzz social network.

9. Hardware:
The EVO hardware is designed to provide on-site robust application usages, but also serve as a gateway to Envizions “cloud” environment for additional options and features. With EVO, never buy another OS again!

10. Organize:
Organize your photos, media, music, data, and website with easy access and top notch security features. Games and personal data can be stored and accessed in the “cloud” environment. Evo provides the ability to select files, data, video, and music from your desktop PC to your EVO Smart Console. You will never have to buy another OS again. Envizions manages, educates, and updates your existing operating system for free!

11. Convergence:
The EVO Smart Console is the all-in-one, space-saver, home entertainment console. The system combines PC, Gaming, DVR*, VoIP, back-up storage, DVD player, CD player, video on demand (VOD), running of multi-operating systems, content remote access, and game software development kit (SDK).

12. Virtual EVO Console:
The EVO virtual console is the most powerful gaming platform for next-generation game play, communications, and storage. Users have access to videos, new software updates, and news. Games can be purchased and stored in the user’s personal virtual space, which is part of the EVO virtual console network.

13. EVO Phases:
The EVO Smart Console will have regular cycles called “phases.” Phases are pre-scheduled software upgrades that further advance the system software and features, via cloud download. This method allows users to ultimately select and determine the pace of change at which they wish their system to “Evolve.” Phase one is the hardware release, with basic PC, VOD, and biometric features. Phase two includes additional software upgrades. Phases are branded by numbers, detailing new features and innovative applications. Phase alerts will be visible on the desktop interface. EVO allows novices to expand the EVO platform as they feel more comfortable, but it provides experts with the ability to advance the platform via the phase network.

14. Social Network:
The EVO Smart Console also brings new meaning to social networking. With EVO, you can connect through Pitchbuzz.com via your EVO console. Live video conference is also available via the Pitchbuzz network. (Video conference is scheduled for the Phase Three upgrade.)

15. Storage:
Receive 10GB of free storage with EVO! Upload custom games, photos, music, or data to your hardrive. Use the EVO network to back up all of your files. Also, EVO comes with memory for life! Envizions will upgrade your EVO system with free memory! Call for more details.

16. Tech Support:
Envizions offers basic tech support, but customers can purchase additional service and support. Visit the store at www.envizionsinc.com to purchase additional support. On-site and remote access support is available. Please call for pricing.

17. Pricing:
The EVO Smart Console is available at the low cost of $249. Without the rebate, the price is set at $599 and $699. The $599 unit will come with console, remote, game controller, and power supply. The $699 is an ungraded model that is not available at this time.

* With the confirmed rebate of $350, service agreements apply.

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