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Demon Doors

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Posted 04 November 2008 - 12:45 AM

Rookridge Demon Door
To get through this Demon Door you have to make your dog do a various set of tricks, it doesnt matter what tricks you do as long as you do the certain amount - which is about 6 or so.

To find this Demon Door Walk across the bridge from where the hobbes attack you out of the broken-down Homestead and it is to the left.

Oakfield Demon Door
To get through this door you have to marry in front of the Door or if you have proposed you only need to do the expression blow kiss to make the Door open.

Brightwood Demon Door
To get through this Demon Door you have to go through a series of tasks involving cheese, haircuts and some more things
First task is to bring it cheese this is the easiest part since most produce traders sell food like the one near the furniture store in Bowerstone market, the next stage is to get a certain beard style and haircut these being:

The Mutton Chop Beard which is sold in Bowerstone
The Dreadlocks Haircut which is sold in Bloodstone
The next task is to put on the uniform of the cheese bearer this is:

The Tart Skirt sold in Bloodstone
The Yokel Hat sold in Oakfield
The Nobel Gents Shirt sold in Bowerstone and most other clothing stores
And then you have to click the A button a few times and he’ll let you in! Finally….

Westcliff Demon Door
To Get through this door all you have to do is attain full corruption by raising the rent on properties, eating meat, etc, and it should open for you

Graveyard Demon Door
To Get through this door all you have to do is kick a chicken into the door

Bower Lake Demon Door
To Get through this door all you have to do is some expressions.

You must Laugh
You must Fart
You must Point and Laugh
You must Give the Door the Middle Finger
You must Vulgar thrust the Door
You must Growl at the Door
You must Bloodlust Roar at the Door
You must Worship the Door
You must Dance for the Door
And finally you must blow the Door a kiss
To get all these expressions you must buy them from travelling book salespeople usually found in Bowerlake, buy the expression books from bowerstone bookstore, reach 75% Goodness, and there you have it.

Wraithmarsh Demon Door
To open this Door you must have maxed out renown and you must have the maximum amount of people following you then just walk up to the door and it’ll open after a really really long play…

Bloodstone Demon Door
To open this door you simply have to play it a song with a lute you can buy lute’s from travelling salesmen or the general store in Bowerstone near the main entrance from Bower Lake

The Archon Demon Door
This Demon Door is the one under Fairfax Castle to open it you need to get past all other Demon Doors.

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