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Redoctane/activision Dont Care About Their Customers

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Posted 12 November 2008 - 08:34 PM

Hi, I want to file my discontent and ask for possible solutions to my problem.

I bought Guitar Hero World Tour on October 26th and since the moment of purchase I've been having trouble with both my Drum kit and my guitar. As I write this message I've already received the USB/MIDI cable to reprogram my drum (which is totally stupid, I shouldn't have to reprogram my drum, it was supposed to be working when I bought it) but the drum isn't repaired at all, now the kick pedal doesn't work at all. The guitar only strum in one direction, not both. I've contacted RedOctane and Activision severla times, filed multiple RMAs and now I don't hear from them. I want to get refunded but when I went to the store where I bought it they told me they received an email saying I had to deal with Activision customer support to get refunded. Then Activision customer support sent me a communication (down below is the history of the communication) saying I must return the band kit to the point of purchase to get refunded. So basically I am stucked with a Guitar Hero world Tour band kit that, from the moment I purchased it, contains a broken drumset and a broken Guitar. At least the game disc and the Mic works... but for how long I wonder.

I feel like I've been humiliated and now everyone except me in this story is very happy. I lost 225$ in this thing and no one at Activision/RedOctane/EB games seems to care to help me. What can I do, I'm just a stupid consummer who got ripped off by big corporations.

I would really like to know if there's something I could do to make all these people pay for being so negligent and selling broken materials and trying to get away from their responsabilities.

Here's the communication log without personnal info:

Discussion Thread
Customer 11/12/2008 10:04 AM
Hi, I've used the cable that I received yesterday and now the red pad seems to be fixed but the pedal is now dead. It register a hit sometimes when I unplug and plug it back in the purple 1/8" jack but not when I tried to push on the pedal. I can't tell if it's the pedal or the drum pads that cause the problem as I don't have an extra pedal or a friend who does have guitar hero world tour (they all waited until all the fuss around the faulty instruments is over, clever them...). So now the drum is unsuable, I've filed a RMA for my guitar. Do I really need to file another for both the pedal and the drum pads since I don't know what part of the drum is causing problem. I'm really annoyed by this, the cable was supposed to make my drum work but instead it made it worst (but maybe it's just a coincidence that the pedal broke after using the usb/midi cable).

Also, EB games wont take back my game as they says they received an email saying all refunds must be processed by redoctane/activision. I feel like I got ripped of and now Activision and RedOctane are laughing at me now that they have my money.

Response (Dov Carson) 11/06/2008 08:46 AM
Believe me when I say that I understand exactly what you are saying. At this time, I would suggest that you go through the only available procedure currently in place and get your product replaced while still within the 90 day warranty period. Make copies of any money you spend in doing so and keep them handy. I would then suggest that you continue to voice your dissatisfaction directly with the warranty replacement department.

Contact Red Octane's support site directly:

Or call

Customer 11/06/2008 07:29 AM
There is no option to get a RMA for the whole band kit. Do I really need to fill out a RMA for all the drum parts and the guitar. Is it possible for you to simply create a RMA like you did for the midi cable but for both instruments this time?

Also I went to my game retailer yesterday asking if I could get the band kit exchanged or refunded and they told me that neither of those options could ve done in a retailer.Basically they don't want to refund me so I guess I must get this thing exchanged.

Response (Dov Carson) 11/05/2008 09:38 AM
I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with our product. Unfortunately, we cannot handle refunds directly, as our distributors take the product back in bulk from retailers (whose profit has to be accounted for as well). This is why you will have to return the product at the point of purchase.

You can replace your entire kit through Red Octane as well. If you would like to exchange your entire purchase,

Please select your country on the following link below for the warranty submission information for your region. Activision Support cannot provide any replacement equipment or software for this product.

Red Octane's Support page

If your country is not listed in the drop-down below please click on "Ask a Question" in the tab above to submit an incident to us, and we can point in the right direction for warranty related information.

To check the status of your RMA request after it has been submitted click here;

**Do not worry, if your incident gets set to solved, your incident automatically gets set to a "solved" status after 96 hours. You can respond to this incident at anytime by logging into your "My Stuff" account on our support site. Whenever you add new information we will be alerted and we can continue to help.

Customer 11/05/2008 09:35 AM
Hi, now I have others problem relating to your game. Now the drum pedal is registering two(2) kicks when I only press once and the guitar is only struming in on direction. When holding the guitar right-handed, I can only stum by pushing the bar down, not up.

With all these problems I would like to get entirely refunded like it is said in the warranty manual supplied in the game. If I'm not satisfied I can get refunded if I return the game in it's original packaging or in a protected packaging. I am not satisfied, 2 instruments are not working properly, I want to get refunded and I will maybe buy it again when all the problems will be sorted unless you can supply me 100% working instruments fast.

I had this game for a little more than a week and now I can't enjoy it at all as I don't really sing and the other instrument makes playing the game almost impossible to play.

Thank you!

Response (Dov Carson) 10/31/2008 04:58 PM
Thank you. We will be sending you a MIDI cable and instructions that will allow you to tune your drum kits sensitivity which should solve the problem that you are experiencing.

Here is your RMA#


To check the status of your order click on the link below;

In regards to the Rock band 1 drum pedal, we have heard that although the drums will work, the pedal does not appear to respond correctly with the Guitar Hero World Tour drum set. Possibly because it is analog.

NOTE: Your incident will be set to solved if there is no activity on this incident for 96 hours. If this happens do not be alarmed as this will not affect the cable being shipped.

Click on the following link to obtain the tuning kit software and quick guide;

Customer 10/31/2008 04:54 PM
Hi, sorry to keep youwaiting, I've been really busy lately.


Mailing address (including street information, city, state, zip code):

Phone number:

Place of purchase:
EB Games, ***********

Serial number for your drum kit:

I hope everything is good!

I have one more question... Is it possible to use Pedal from the drum set of Rock Band 1?

I prefer this one because I like the bouncing effect and I've installed a metal plate on it to make it more solid. I don't really like the pedal of the Guitar Hero Drum set because I don't really feel when I press it down and sometime I do a double kick by mistake when only a single is needed.Anyway thanks!

Response (Dov Carson) 10/29/2008 06:37 PM
Thank you (and your friend) for the information provided after further testing. The problems you are having with your drum kit appear to be due to the sensitivity of the drum pads/cymbals. These pads can be calibrated individually, and this should resolve the problems you are having. The calibration requires you to connect your drum kit to a PC (the software is not mac compatible sorry) with a USB to MIDI cable. If you provide me with the following information I can have a cable sent to you if you need one.


Mailing address (including street information, city, state, zip code)

Phone number

Place of purchase

Serial number for your drum kit:

The serial number is behind the batteries (or wii remote) for a gray or clear sticker with black lettering. It should be two letters and twelve numbers.

Customer 10/29/2008 04:05 AM
I have friend who plays real drum in a band and I asked him to come over and test my drumset to see if the problem was my playing technique that made the red pad less sensitive. He tested the drum by going in the music studio of Guitar Hero World Tour and hitting all three lower pads at the same spot with the same strengh at a fixed rate. He was able to register all hits by just letting the drum stick fall on the center of both green and blue pads, but not the red pad. With this test, even when he was hitting the center of the red pad, the drum registered about half of the hits.

It is obvious that the problem reside in the drum itself. Other than that, all the other pads and cymbals are working wonderfully and the game is awesomely addictive.

Response (CS Admin) 10/29/2008 12:54 AM

Thanks for contacting us here at Activision. Due to high volume we are sending you this initial response to your inquiry about Guitar Hero World Tour and your potential problem with our new drum kit. A live rep will be available to respond to your issue shortly, but in the meantime, there are several solutions we have found for potential issues with our drums that we would like you to review.

First, some customers have been experiencing sensitivity issues with our drums. These issues range from our drums not being sensitive enough, meaning that when the drum is struck hard it barely registers a hit, to the exact opposite issue where, when a drum is barely tapped, it causes other drums to activate as well (also known as cross chatter). In these instances, Activision is pleased to inform you that most of these problems should be correctable on your current drum kit. A return to the store for a new Guitar Hero World Tour bundle or RMA request via our Red Octane warranty site will not be necessary. To begin assisting us with this issue, we would like you to try the following steps

• If you find that the drum pads are not sensitive enough or that they are too sensitive try hitting the middle of the drum pad a little softer or harder. The pads may feel different from other drum games that you may have played.

• If you find that the cymbals are not sensitive enough check to make sure that the cymbal cable is firmly plugged in. If it is plugged in firmly then you may just need to hit the cymbal a little harder. If the cymbals are too sensitive then check to make sure that the nut that holds the cymbal in place is firmly attached. Also check that the screws on the cymbal mount are tight. If one cymbal is responding but another is not, try swapping the cymbals and see if the problem still occurs. If it does, then this may indicate that only one of the cymbals is experiencing problems and can be replaced.

• If the foot pedal is not sensitive enough then try pressing it a little harder. If the foot pedal is too sensitive then try pressing it a little softer. Also you will want to make sure that the pedal is not lifting off of the floor when you press on it. Make sure that the pedal is on a flat surface.

We realize you may have already tried these solutions and including these steps here is not intended to frustrate you. But our experience so far with our drum kit has led us to believe that altering your playing style can greatly assist with the drum sensitivity issues we have seen with our new Guitar Hero World Tour drum sets.

If you still find yourself experiencing problems with sensitivity issues, a drum controller tuning kit, which includes a downloadable software application and a USB MIDI interface, can be requested from our Activision support department. Simply update this incident with another response by clicking the link in your email, or by logging into your account at our support website and clicking My Stuff/Questions. A rep will then ask you for some additional information to begin the process for receiving the tuning kit. We expect to get this tuning kit to whoever needs it as quickly as possible so we can correct these specific issues.

Another issue you may be experiencing with our new drum kit is a drum pad, high-hat, or kick pedal that is simply not registering a hit under any circumstances. For these issues, we would like you to first speak with an Activision support representative to fully understand what is happening with your specific hardware problem. From there, we can direct you to the appropriate place to receive a replacement for your hardware should it become necessary. Simply update this incident and a live rep will respond shortly.

Finally, if you are missing any parts for your drum kit, like drum sticks or screws to the tops of your cymbals, you can proceed directly to Red Octane’s RMA process to request a replacement. That website URL is http://www.redoctanegames.com/warranty.

Again, this is just an initial response to your inquiry to help start the troubleshooting process. Please log into our website using your online CS account and update your incident with additional questions and information as it becomes available. From there, a Customer Support representative will contact you directly.

Activision is committed to providing the best possible customer experience for your game and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Customer 10/28/2008 11:24 AM
The red pad on my drum kit isn't working well. I have to hit it really hard and even sometimes it's not working at all. All the other pads works good except this one. Aso when I shake the maindrum board, I can clearly hear a piece of plastic(or metal) loose in the red drum pad area.

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Posted 12 November 2008 - 09:04 PM

Honestly.. I agree with Activision.. I would talk to the Manager at EB and demand an exchange.

I have never heard of a retailer not accepting a defective product within their return policy.

If the manager does not give you satisfaction, ask for the name and phone number of the district manager.

After asking for a DM.. I am 100% sure you will get satisfaction.

Another method if you are denied at the store is to call the 1800 customer service number (from the store is easiest) and issue a complaint. The corporate number often will override the manager in customer experence issues and will lead to your satisfaction.

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Posted 12 November 2008 - 09:17 PM

Ok I will try this but I doubt it will work, the employee at EB games called his district director or whatever and he said that refund had to be handled with Activision. Still i will try to do what you told me.


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Posted 17 November 2008 - 04:02 AM

QUOTE(BennyBou @ Nov 12 2008, 03:53 PM) View Post

Ok I will try this but I doubt it will work, the employee at EB games called his district director or whatever and he said that refund had to be handled with Activision. Still i will try to do what you told me.


it should say you have 30 days to exchange defective products right on the back of the receipt. i agree with havok. if the store employee isn't helpful, go over his head to dm or corporate.

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