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50 Hz To 60 Hz

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Posted 12 December 2008 - 01:10 AM

Hi everyone!

I'm new to this great forum which I have to say solved quite a lot of trouble I had with emulation on X-Box...

My request is the following : Does there a program which turns Europeans N64 roms (that are 50 Hz) into 60 Hz (US and JP format)...that way I'd be able to play it in the best possible quality and in my first language (French). I know this is perfectly possible on the PSX (I've done that with most of my games and it has worked flawlessly so far)...

I've tried searching on google but I'm out of luck...

Thanks for help guys! laugh.gif

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Posted 12 December 2008 - 02:31 AM

Um, the tv/n64 is PAL or NTSC, not the rom. The only difference IS the language. Surreal has no region locks like the actual hardware version so you can play roms from any region.

Also, many people feel that PAL is actually the superior format due to the higher resolution, but whatever...

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Posted 12 December 2008 - 03:55 AM

QUOTE(ganjatron @ Dec 12 2008, 04:07 AM) View Post

Surreal has no region locks like the actual hardware version so you can play roms from any region.

Yes, but how does Surreal emulate Pal roms? does it emulate them at the correct 50hz or does it run them at 60?
(yes thats a question, i haven't bothered with Surreal in years)

For example the Nintendo Wii emulates roms at pal speed in Europe, sure my tv is a super nuclear powered mega beast
that can run in a resolution that most scientists at Nasa would be gawk at, but still Nintendo makes us play our (paid for) romz at a slooow 50hz.

so the question here is how does Surreal emulate? and if it runs the Pal roms at 50hz speed would it be possible to change an option so that it runs them at 60hz?

I haven't emulated since a long time but i think i remember that most of not all Xport emulators have an option where you can choose to run Pal roms at 60hz.

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Posted 12 December 2008 - 08:16 AM

PAL X-Box consoles can be set to 50/60hz via the MS dash. Most programs take their cue from that instead of offering the setting to the user. I don't think Surreal has an menu option for it (I gather it's not an X-Port port).

Older TVs don't always support the higher refresh rate, so 50hz is the default. That is to say, just because a signal is 60hz, doesn't mean it's not a PAL signal... NTSC (used in Japan/America) just happens not to have a 50hz setting.

Note also that PAL supports a larger resolution and colour depth range, though a PAL TV won't always support NTSC colours and vice versa... A decent TV these days will handle whatever you throw at it, making the whole issue moot.

If you boot your console with an Enigmah disc you can change it to NTSC (hence forcing 60hz no matter what). It's dead easy to change back if you find your TV won't co-operate (no "invisible menus" to try to browse through, it's just one controller button for PAL and one for NTSC).

But, the real question isn't the hertz rate... It's the frame rate. The amount of frames per second is what'll typically define the game speed; that goes up and down depending on the demands of what's happening on the screen. The hz rate is merely the rate at which the frames are sent to the TV...

Some games will "cap" the frame rate (fps) to prevent it going above the refresh rate (hz)... But I have difficulty believing the N64 is capable of a stable 60fps while playing the likes of, say, Perfect Dark, let alone that the X-Box can pull it off during N64 emulation... tongue.gif

Granted Perfect Dark is an extreme example... But you get the idea.

@ganjatron: I'd assume the US versions of the game don't have the European language sets.

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