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Xbox 360 Elite Benq Open Tray Issue

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Posted 17 December 2008 - 07:30 AM

irst and foremost, I want to say that I love these forums. There is a wealth of information available and you guys are doing a great job!

The problem I'm having is with my BenQ drive. It started up about two weeks ago when occasionally a game wouldn't read (NHL 2009 mainly). Then after about another week, the OPEN TRAY issue became more prominent and I got concerned. I didn't play it for a few days...and now it looks like it won't read anything. No DVD's, CD's, or Games.

---AS A SIDE NOTE--- When I bought NHL 2009, it was from GameStop. I took off the price sticker and underneath it said, "Game Defective, Return to Warehouse". I did not have any issues with my Xbox before putting in this game. I checked and it is NTSC and made here in America, legit game. Could this disk have messed up my laser somehow? Or is it just a coincidence?-------

I don't run off of backups - I only play originals. Call it a personal preference...but that's just me. I like to support the people that make these games. (Though, I have been known to download music occasionally...not sure why I don't have the same views on THAT...lol)

But in any case, I've tried a few things. I did a POT Calibration, and my multimeter was giving random readings. I did it on 20k and on the DVD Pot, but the readings were just coming up very random anywhere from .2 to 15.9 - - - could it be a bad multimeter? I didn't try adjusting the POT - I just considered that maybe it was a faulty system at that point.

Tried the rubber band trick, tried a few other things - but none of them has worked.

So after doing more research, I noticed that you cannot just switch out the DVD players, you need the passkeys to match on both the 360 and the drive. That is understood. I did more research and learned that you can switch the circuit boards - put the old circuit board in a new drive and it should have the same key.

HOWEVER, with the new BenQs - Microsoft has soldered the wires directly into the circuit board, therefore making it very difficult to just switch them (difficult for me, because I've never done any soldering).

So here are my considerations, what should I do? I have experience building computers - but this is my first experience with Xboxs. No soldering experience. POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS, NEED YOUR INPUT.

Solution #1 - Should I replace the laser on the BenQ? They are going for about $15 bucks on eBay. Would it be relatively easy to install the new laser into the old drive? Any soldering involved?

Solution #2 - Should I order a new BenQ drive and switch the circuit boards? They are about $40 bucks on ebay. How difficult would it be to remove the connections of the old drive and re-solder them to the new drive? Has anyone had experience doing this? What were the results?

Solution #3 - Should I purchase a new drive altogether, and flash the original key to the drive? I do not have any experience flashing, but I'm a quick learner and quite intelligent so I feel I could learn in less than a day. Would it be worth it to put a spoofed key on a new drive? (Especially considering I'm not doing it for playing backups?). Basically, is it worth it to flash a new drive if I'm not having the advantages of playing backups? Would it be easier to use another solution?

Solution #4 - Did I get a bad reading on the POT Calibration? I was putting the two ends at the top and bottom of the DVD Pot, and the readings would just not stay stable. Should I get a new multimeter and try to do another POT tweak? Would it be worth it?

Basically, this OPEN TRAY issue is bothering the s**t outta me - and most of the references I find to it online are dealing with people who have flashed their drives and play backups. I'm just trying to play original games and haven't flashed or replaced anything.

I need help - and this is the place to come to for it...so for you geniuses out there that roam these boards - help a fellow gamer out!!!

Thanks in advance - and when I get this working again...we'll have to play some Madden, NBA or NHL online. Gamertag: gdubchicago



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Posted 17 December 2008 - 09:37 AM

Good god that was a long post..... You have most things figured out. My adivce is to get a new drive, Samsung MS28. You'll have to do some reading on how to do this but here is a summary of what you'll need to do. First you need to dump the firmware from your Benq because it has your key in it. Take the key and put it in the MS28 firmware. Then flash the firmware to the MS28 and you should be up and running again. There's a few small steps I've left out but you'll read up on it. Everything in the summary can be done with no soldering and the software to make it happen is pretty easy to use.

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Posted 17 December 2008 - 10:26 AM

You are not reading the pot correctly at all.

Have you cleaned the laser?

If so,

Laser is the cheaper option, try that first.

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Posted 18 December 2008 - 12:01 AM

How difficult would it be to install a new laser on the drive? Any soldering involved? $15 bucks is a lot better than $40. After checking out the design of the laser, it looks relatively easy. Anyone have experience doing this with the BenQ?

How difficult would it be to install a new laser on the drive? Any soldering involved? $15 bucks is a lot better than $40. After checking out the design of the laser, it looks relatively easy. Anyone have experience doing this with the BenQ?

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