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Swapping Ms28's Original Has Broken Sata Connector

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Posted 19 December 2008 - 02:11 PM

I have a 360 that supposedly just has a broken drive, it won't open, won't respond, nothing. I had a new drive, and know that I need to get the key of the original and flash it on to the new drive. Problem is, I can't get the original drive to be read or anything, I checked and the sata connector was broken off, just the plastic, no wires. I used a miniscule amount of superglue and reconncted it, it looks exactly like the good drives connector. I still can't get anything, I've flashed MS28s before and have followed the steps but nothing. I thought it was something with the physical drive, so I switched out the mainboards and still nothing. I can put it in a working 360 and it will boot, open, try to read a game and then say "play dvd" and give me the standard, put this disc in a 360 to play it screen. Is that because the drive was not keyed to that mobo? I know in iprep is asks for the drive serial number, can I just use that?

Also, the box is getting the RROD, which is why I say "supposedly has a broken drive" at first I thought it was because of the drive so I ignored it, I put a working drive in and same thing, I switched out the sata and power cables and still nothing. I'm going to try the x-clamp unless someone can give me a cause as to why the box magically has a RROD when I first turn it on. ( it went straight from the owners hands into mine and I didn't do a thing until I turned it on to check the drive)

So my questions are:

1. how do I get the key from the broken drive (whose main board is in a functional drive, but still can't be read)

2. why didn't it read a game in another box?

3. why RROD w/ a broken drive?

Please help, I really need an answer on this, I've been reading these forums for quite a while and this is my first post. I know we have some geniuses out there and would really appreciate an answer.

#2 DJKrafty03


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Posted 20 December 2008 - 05:06 PM

Update, I was able to put the mainboard of the broken drive into the working drive, pull the key, then replace the mainboard, and flash it to the new mainboard.

All is well and working

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