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Tutorial: Backup/burn/stealth Verify With Xbc & Imgburn

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Posted 22 December 2008 - 01:47 AM

This tutorial will help you do your X360 and Xbox1 backup using Xbox Backup Creator. XBC will also burn your X360 Backup using the XBCr burning engine or using imgburn by calling Imgburn for you with all the adequate parameters.

If you require to install these applications see the third post of this thread.

1-Open XBC ,
2-Select your ripping drive like Kreon (IDE =SH-D162C and TS-H352C; SATA =SH-D163A and TS-H353A) or Samsung/Benq drive**(FW xtreme800 as per Using A Ms28 For ripping ). Note that Hitachi do not allow to extract valid SS and therefore games
3-Place your game in the drive, (It will see the small video partition of a few MB)
4-Press Start (with "Complete Backup**" selected), select the directory and enter a name
5-When completed, you will get a 7 651 848KB ISO ( or 7.29GB) or 7,651,262KB depending on the x360 games. If you do not activate the Splitvid then the files will be 7,395,392KB or 7.05GB. The .iso for Xbox1 will be 7,258,816KB (or 6.92GB) without splitvid.
6-You can verify the stealth/iXtreme compliance as described below in the second post of this thread



1-Open XBCr* , select IMGBURN as burning engine
2-Select your burning drive ,
3-Place a blank DVD+R DL the drive, and select writing speed (slower is not better, typically burn verbatim 2.4x at rated speed and verbatim 8x at rated or 4x) If the start button remains grey, you have not selected the proper drive or do not have a DVD +R DL in the drive.
4-Press Start , select the .ISO file you have just created (or the .DVD which will not make a difference here)
5-Imgburn will start (and sometime tell “You should have selected the dvd file…”), click OK
6-When completed, imgburn will close, enjoy smile.gif


All questions and discussion specific to this method to be discussed in
Tutorial: Backup With Xbc / Imgburn & Stealth Check, Questions and Discussion .

QUOTE(      **COMPLETE BACKUP and Stealth Components Included       @ )
"Complete Backup" will include all stealth and security components in the resulting image: Video, PFI, DMI, SS... , if it pass the Stealth CHeck then there is nothing to add, inject, patch or fix with Abgx/Mulleter since everything is there

This tutorial replaces closed threads:
Tutorial: Xbox Backup Creator 2.6 And Imgburn 2.3, (How to Easily Rip and Burn Games), and
Media Stealth: What is needed and How To Verify, (DMI, PFI, Video Partition, Samsung SS) ,
they contain a lot of information that may help you.


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Posted 22 December 2008 - 01:48 AM


1-Open XBC ,
2-Select "Image Tools" for an image validation (or "Drive Tools" for a burn)
3-Choose "Stealth Check" and the image file (xxxx.iso)
4-You will get a Pass or Fail . Should you get the latter, you must redo from the the original.
Note: You can also do it with Schtrom just to be sure: You want to see "Overall Results: PASSED" then it is all good. (you can ignore the message about not being in the stealth list, another DBase message)

  • How to merge additional stealth components in an existing image. Redo them from the originals with option "Complete Backup" and everything will be there.
  • ABGX and Mulleter DB: No discussion on Online Database portion of such tools.
    • These tools are of no use if you did the backup yourself, you know that all these stealth components match together because you extracted them from the same original
    • You need a drive (kreon or X360) that can extract the SS, and as a result you can just do a "complete Backup" right from the start, and no need to inject anything
    • Using these tools to change stealth component is the equivalent to downloading stealth file which against our rules
    • How do you know their info is better than yours!!
      - On two occasions recently, rip of original games did indicated 'DMI unverified' in ABGX, even after a second rip. A few people confirmed they extracted their original and got the exact same image and the same difference to the DB.
      I do not want to draw any conclusions (data not good, more than one version of stealth info...) as it would be speculation. Only thing sure, nothing better than your data, from your original and that is all we accept to see discussed at XS
    • All Threads / Posts on this will be closed
  • Wxripper & Mulleter/ABGX Method: For the same reason as above, these threads will be closed. This would the equivalent to downloading the SS, PFI, DMI...
    • We only allow discussion on backups made in totality by you, and with all components coming from your original and for that you need a Kreon or x360 Samsung/Benq drive. As such, you will be able to do complete backups, no need to download/fix anything with Online DB.

Note: You can validate that the burn was done with the appropriate layer-break, that the image burnt corresponds to the image file on HD. The method is presented in the thread How to verify a burn . Note that this is not required and simply a validation.

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Posted 22 December 2008 - 01:50 AM

Additional info

QUOTE( Which Drive to extract @ )
**The lastest iXtreme FW will not allow you to rip (extract) games with any software (XBCreator, schtrom, IsoBuster...). You will need to reflash xtreme800 or acquire a Sh-D162C(ide)/SH-D163A(sata) for your PC in order to backup games.

Using Wxripper and a hitachi drive: Not recommended anymore. It seems the SS extracted with Hitachi drive should not be used because easier to detect. For those who want to prepare for the day the Hitachi FW supports media stealth, you should till extract your backups with a Samsung**/Kreon Drive using XBCreator/Schtrom. You would then be able to do a "Complete backup" so no point in extracting separate pieces and merging.

QUOTE( STEALTH & SPLITVID Explained @ starting with XBC 2.6/Schtrom 3.3)

Stealth explained by the master: Commodore4eva Explains Stealth Media
Video Partition On your original disc you have a small dvd partition that will show the famous message 'to play this disc put it in a Xbox 360'. It is what you will see if you put a game in your PC or if you have the wrong key in your modded X360. That small partition on an original disc is in fact divided between layer 0 and layer 1 of the dual layer disc.
Before Splitvid: Splitvid is in fact an adapted version of the traditional Xtreme format used up to XBC 2.6/Schtrom 3.3. The traditional Xtreme format backup have both part of the video partition on layer 0. Current hacked firmware will manage the request for the video partition sector of layer 1 such that they appear as being in their right place even if in fact recovered from layer 0 (thks to C4Eva). As a result, if the disk is queried for the various sectors, they appear at their proper place.
Splitvid: The new splitvid format respects the format of an original disc by having the video partition on layer 1 as per the original. It also maintain a copy of the layer 1 video partition on layer 0 such that it respect the traditional Xtreme format. Both format are included so you lose nothing by using it.
Current Hacked Firmware: None of the hacked firmware (including current iXtreme 1.4) currently used the splitvid format so it is not required at this point. When queried for the sectors of layer 1, the firmware gets it on layer 0 thus making it transparent outside the DVD drive where the sector really is.
About The Future: No speculation plse, will the firmware eventually use the video partition from layer 1 as per original disc ? no way to know!!! Since the remapping of the sectors makes this transparent it does not seem to make a big difference. It does not hurt to have the splitvid in your backups if it ever gets implemented in the firmware then you will be ready (remember everyone currently redoing their backup with stealth wink.gif )
Detection: Now as per the pinned topics, no one knows what MS will next try or can detect or not.
This thread is not to be turned into a speculation debate as it happened on this subject previously (i'll be watching biggrin.gif )

You can download Imgburn at imgburn , and use the installer.
  • When used through XBCr do not set the layerbreak to manual, XBCr will manage this for you. In Tools/Settings/Write/Options Layerbreak should be “Calculate Optimal”.
  • With the latest x360 firmware the booktype setting at DVD-ROM is not required, but it does not hurt. You can set it in Tools/Drive/Change Book Type/'Your burner Brand' select 'change For:' to a 'DVD +R DL MEDIA' and in 'New Setting' choose DVD-ROM + hit Change.
You can get XBC from the Download Section and extract it in a directory, nothing more to do. Simply run “Xbox Backup Creator.exe”.
  • Imgburn (and Nero) if they are already installed on your PC will show in the scroll window when XBC starts (1). If imgburn is not listed in the windows, you can open the selection window by using the “…” button (2) and indicating the location of the “ImgBurn.exe” file (3).
  • If you have problems loading XBCr make sure you have .NET installed (windows updater), and VB6 runtimes + mscomctl.ocx . Only do this step if you have problems.
  • Vista: Plse use the included installer. Some people had to turn on User Account Control (UAC) and make sure it was run as admin.
  • Not seeing your TS-H943A: Turn off the "FW Branding Check" on the options tab unless you need it (A hitachi branded as samsung or opposite). For those using a VIA6421 card, you should try using the version 5.2 of the Via drivers (here)
  • Ripping is extremely long (30+ minutes): Your Drive is probably not in DMA Mode (Went in PIO Mode). You can change that in Device Manager and can easily be found via Google wink.gif.
  • Getting an error during the rip
    -You have this with all your games then it is probably a setup problem, if you are using a SH-D162C you can try moving it Primary/Secondary IDE and Master/Slave.
    -You have that with only one game then clean your disk very well. If that does not resolve it could be your original is damage or marginal (see this post).
  • During the burn if you are getting “Session Fixation Errors”, “Optimum Power Calibration failures”, or “Invalid Write Address failures”, they are usually due to low quality media or a defective burner if you were using adequate media (look at this post).

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