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X2_4977 Bios Size?

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Posted 20 June 2003 - 10:55 AM

I flashed my X2lite with the Ozxchip method and everything went well. But now that I looked at my system settings I noticed that it didn't show the bios version. It just said unkown. So I flashed the the chip again and put the following on my evox.ini
ROM = "Xecuter2 4977 256k",0x92987e26edd5833921c9b0e539ea091e
and now it says Xecuter2 4977 256K under bios version. Is this normal or ok? Should it read 4977 256k or just 4977? I have read a lot about 256k/512k/1mb but don't know the difference between the three or pros and cons between them. In other words, what would be the use of a 256k over a 512k or a 1mb? Can someone explain that to me? Did I flash my chip correctly or did I miss a step and must I reflash. Thanks in advance.

P.S. Do i also have to include the IGR file for the 4977 bios to fully function? If so, where do I put it? In the C or E folder?

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Posted 20 June 2003 - 11:57 AM

You got an X2lite. You have a total of 1MB flash to write to. With the light you can run 2 512K banks. With the Pro you can run 4 256K banks. That is why you see these numbers. For the lite to fill up the 512K bank you put the 256 bios on twice per say. You can actually run two different bios on the lite, ie. 4976.02 on bank1 and 4977 on bank2. It is not manditory some people like to do this if they are having bugs with specific apps under one of the bios.
You are asking about why you see "Xecuter2 4977 256K" in evox right?
The line you added to evox.ini identifies the bios. You can actually enter "X2 My ?enis is large" as the description and thats what you will see in evox. If you want to see something that better fits your setup you could enter in "Xecuter2 4977 512K" or "Xecuter2 4977 1024K".
Also in the Flash = area of the ini there is should be a description on your chip. With Slayers it calls your chip AMD. You can change that to "Xecuter2" in the text description area it you want. All this does it display what type of chip you are flashing in evox.

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