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Usb Dvd Drive

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Posted 20 June 2003 - 12:27 PM

y0 all, here is teh pr0b,

i got a modified box with x2pro and a 60 gb hdd...i am running evolutionX.....just to clue ya in.

i dont have a dvd burner so i had a buddy of mine make the backups for me......this is the second time i have had him do it. the first time they all worked cool......the second time he said he just ripped them from my disc without using any special "dummy software" or what eva ya call it. well they were done on the same media some white back dvd-r and the second batch had probs. one game has frozen three times, and some of them will freeze if i try to start them from evox...they have to be started with the start of the machine. brute force does not even have a way to play the game. it has start and options and start takes you to multi player mode....some way it is missing the start...i know wierd. well, two of the backups are on some gold generic media and they dont even boot at all. soooooo after all that blabbering crap i just expelled myself of by letting my sphincter loose blink.gif .......ahhhhhhhh.... rolleyes.gif ........is this cause of my infamous phillips drive or is it do to the burning thing. cause remember they were dvd-r's should they be dvd-rw's? also i saw a USB dvd player on www.tigerdirect.com and i wonderd if that would work on the xbox if i plugged it into the controller port usb adapter i have.....that way i dont have to screw around with the internal. if it wont...then do any of ya know if ya can get a dvd drive replacement and still play original games on the xbox. if so where can i get it done...i am not going to screw around if it is complicated so i will ahve someone else do it. i fried my first box already....typical via prob. well thanks for your help and i will expect some disses for the toooo long of letter. sleeping.gif

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Posted 20 June 2003 - 02:00 PM

If I am not mistaken I believe that anything plugged in via USB will be seen as a memory card, although your external DVD drive idea is interesting. If you are looking to boot from it however you would need to have a bios that would look for evox.ini on the H: drive (I think that is what a mem card counts as) and as far as I know there is not one of these yet.

However, if you are just looking to copy games to the HDD this way then it would be possible to just load up evox and use boXplorer to copy all the files from the disk to the HDD.

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