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I Received A Strike For My Sig With No Explanation As To Why

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Posted 22 January 2009 - 12:54 PM

Hello, I've been on the scene for what has become many years now, but recently I have been mostly inactive due to work taking up my free time. However, today I logged in and saw that a Mod had changed my sig to the following:

'4 days off for 4th strike for sig stuff. Should have been banned at 3' (Paraphrasing, but that is pretty close)

Now I do remember a strike I got for using multiple images in my sig a long time ago when I was tracking the console sales(I had one for each system for a total of 3) that makes sense... but I don't ever remember any other issues, and I changed my sig and AFAIK I was in compliance after that. So I don't remember these other offenses, and I'm pretty sure I had been using the same sig for like a year or something, mostly while I was inactive, and then I found this warning today.

My biggest concern is that I have no idea how I was in violation of the rules(which BTW, I am going to go brush up before adding anything to my sig) I really wish the mod had informed me what was wrong, or at least let me know which mod it was so that i could communicate directly with them to resolve any issues. Even a PM would have been nice. Also, if my account has strikes on it, does this last forever? I've never intentionally broken rules here, I have been a productive member, especially when I was active, back before the 360 launched. I would like to think that I have a good reputation, even though I have not been active. But AFAIK that sig has been on my posts for months without my knowledge branding me as a repeat rule breaker. Maybe nobody ever saw it, or even cared, but I care a little bit.

I would especially hate to get banned for something trivial, or accidental, based on these prior offenses. Mostly I just want to continue being a positive contributor to this site, even if it is only once a month or whenever I have a spare moment or two.

I know there are a lot of mods running this site, and the site has grown since I first joined, and maybe even rules have changed that I am unaware of... but I would hope that it would be common protocol for a mod to give an explanation for the disciplinary action regardless of the number of prior offenses, and their name so that the accused knows who to contact if they have questions.

There is no court of law here. Mods rule as judge and jury, and I have moderated boards, so I know it is a thankless job. But because the accused cannot make their case, or state their innocence, it is important that they understand their sentences.

I hope I am not out of line in pointing this out, and I hope it doesn't sound hostile! I respect the mod's decisions, this board, and my fellow posters. I just hope that some consideration is given to my issues. Thanks,

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Posted 22 January 2009 - 01:37 PM

I added the 4th strike. I put the message in your signature (Quicker and Easier and usually more likely to be read than a PM).
Your signature was far too big. It's not like you don't know what the rules are on this. You have 3 strikes for signatures and also 1 for a non signature offence.
You were muted because you hit 4 strikes. XS operates a 3 strikes and out policy so potentially you could have been banned. Because the strikes were of a minor nature I chose not to submit a request for your ban.
As for making the case for your innocence there is not one. A Mod reported your signature for being outside the forum rules. I checked and it was indeed outside rules. I always double check. In fact the signature is linked in the log and it is indeed oversize still. You should be aware of this as the signature is hosted on another site, not XS, so you could easily have checked it and checked the rules. It was removed and the message left in your signature (common practice for signature stuff).
You also broke a rule in opening a dispute over a warning here. A Pm to a Head Mod is the correct action. Your log can then be checked. The strikes stay on record all the time, but as you have discovered, if it is a minor thing you don't always get a BAN for hitting more than 3 strikes.
Most members simply check the signature rules and put in a modified one to fit in with those rules. They then just carry on.
I really wouldn't worry, it's hardly a conviction for Assault.
If you have further questions or reservations, please contact me via PM. I am always happy to outline action I take to members in doubt (Not the ones who send me hate Pms and abuse though)

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Posted 24 January 2009 - 05:21 PM

The mods have acted in accordance with the rules and guides for their conduct in this matter. It should be noted that while this isn't an assualt case, further strikes of ANY kind will likley lead to a long suspension or a ban of the account altogether. Your account has has enough issues with it in regard to not following rules, (and the sig rules really haven't changed in the last 5 or so years.)

Each and every moderator that adds to a users Warning Level (Strike System) must fill in the secondary option that PM's the violating user with a condensed copy of the warning log we keep on file of each strike we place on you.

They are however, NOT required to go above and beyond that and PM before a strike. Many will however take the extra time and patience especially if they feel someone isn't flagrantly ignoring rules. some staffers will issues warnings and not strikes for those on first offenses.. again though, this is not our policy, and is a courtesy they are extending to you.

It's easier, and better to follow the XS rules (lengthy as they are) than it is to expect special treatment or a chance to refute an issue after the fact.

I ran this site for 8 years, and wrote virtually the entire rule set with the aid of the Head Mods. It's unfortunate though, that the bulk of the rules came into place because people continuously ignored polite reminders to follow rules.

Your issue is a good case in point. While your sig issue isn't a murder case, it is the 3 time you broken the same rule. When you review the rules like you say you will, and think they are too long or restrictive, think back to how you broke the same rule 3 times already and we still tolerate you here.

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