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Xna Used A Modern Day Homebrew?

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Posted 24 March 2009 - 04:51 AM

I understand that you have to pay to be able to play xna built games for the 360. But I think it could be a good option for homebrew emulators etc. if a lot of people who can code get behind it.

I just had a crash and burn recently with my first xbox. Even though I am going to get it fixed because a modded xbox is the best option to me. I have been looking into the homebrew scene for 360 and found out about xna. I decided to read up on it and this sounds like something that could work.

The main turn off is the subscription cost but I would pay if the homebrew scene was deeper and had a lot of good games coming out of it.

I play mugen on the xbox so when I heard of xnamugen, a clone being made for mugen built in xna I thought this could be the future for that engine. Since it is open source and being updated constantly it has the potential to become better then the mugen now.

I know that microsoft would never allow most of these type of games on live but that doesn't really stop us from deploying it to the 360 ourselves does it?
If anyone here that has more knowledge about xna built games can you answer these kinds of questions. I need to update my graphics card to to make sure, but xna built games do run on the 360 right?

Here is some info on xnamugen
xnaMugen is an clone of the MUGEN Fighting Game Engine. The makers of this game, Elecbyte have disappeared from the internet their game hasn't been updated in years. So, as a challenge to myself, I attempted to emulate the engine. While I'm not done yet, it's good enough to play.

Please try out my engine and leave feedback on how well it works.

As the game is built using XNA, you will need to download the framework from Microsoft. A link to the framework is on the xnaMugen page and at the bottom of this post.

Here is where to get the newest xnamugen.

How to compile xnamugen

How To Create a Development Environment For Compiling xnaMugen

Operating System Required:
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7 Beta

Install Visual Studio 2008 Express for C#: http://www.microsoft...press/download/
*Note* If you already have a better version of Visual Studio installed, you do not have to install Visual Studio 2008 Express.

Install Microsoft XNA Game Studio 3.0: http://www.microsoft...;displaylang=en

Update DirectX to 9.0c (November): http://download.micr.../dxwebsetup.exe

Download the latest source code for xnaMugen: http://www.codeplex....bleCommits.aspx

Extract the source into it's own directory. Example: C:\Code\xnaMugen\

Open the file 'xnaMugen.sln' in the code directory. It will open in Visual Studio 2008 Express. In Visual Studio, open the 'Build' menu and click on 'Configuration Manager'. Set the 'Active Solution Configuration' to either 'Debug', 'Release' or 'Release - Diagnostic'. Click close. Open the 'Build' menu and click on 'Build Solution'. This will build xnaMugen from source.

The program file 'xnaMugen.exe' will be in the '\xnaMugen\bin\' directory. Move this file into your MUGEN directory with 'xnaMugen.ini'. You should how be able to run xnaMugen.

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