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Evox Keeps Resetting, Can't Get To Dash

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Posted 24 March 2009 - 08:43 PM

Some basic info;

Evox was up to date at 3935. I'm not 100% sure, but I have a xenium chipped installed, I can pop off the case to check if that's relevant. I had bought this xbox from my friend, and I have little experience with installing evox/dash. He told me up front that the ethernet port was fried (or the network card), so I can't FTP to my xbox, but at the time I was just going to use the xbox to backup my games. The evox.ini was also edited to NOT include the trainer sub menu.

Recently I wanted to install some trainers (as wells as some ROMs). I read in the trainer forum that I needed to edit the evox.ini to the original file to access the trainer menu (as wells as the emulator menu). So I downloaded the latest Evolution X Build 3935 from xbin, unzipped the entire contents, and burned both the entire Evox file(specifically only wanted the evox.ini), trainers, and ROMs to a CD using Qwix and Nero.

My plan was to use xbmc to simply copy the ROMs, trainers, and the original evox.ini file to my hd from the CD. I was able to successfully transfer both the ROMs and trainers to my HD. I just accessed the emulators through xbmc, and was successful in being able to load and play the ROMs.

Before I copied the original evox.ini I copied the current evox.ini and just transferred it to my f:drive. Thinking if anything went wrong I could just simply copy it back.

I copied the original evox.ini from the CD to my HD, and reset the xbox. However now the Evox dash doesn't load at all. The Xbox screen comes up with the Evox logo in the top left, and after a few seconds "Microsoft" appears under the xbox logo per usual, but then it simply resets and does it all again. I've left the xbox on as long as five minutes, and it continues to reset every few seconds.

So I guess my question is what did I do wrong ? Was it incorrect thinking I could just simply copy the original evox.ini ? I am sure it was the same evox version, as I distinctly remember seeing the '3935' on my dash. Should I have also copied the evoxdash.xbe file ?

I'm assuming the solution would to simply reinstall Evox using a boot disk or slayer (like I said before no experience with this, but I can learn fast). I don't have a problem with that (yet). But if I reinstalled Evox would I lose everything on my HD ? Also, to complicate matters more; my xbox is a 300gig HD. I know my friend had ran into problems before with the xbox recognizing the full 300 gigs. I backup my games to either G:drive or the f:drive (one had about 80 gigs left, the other 110). Would reinstalling Evox complicate this more ?

Thanks for anyone's help/input, sorry about the wall of text, figured too much info is better than to little.

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Posted 24 March 2009 - 10:54 PM

because your xbox is chipped this want be a problem.
just download slayers and burn it to disc,then in the menu choose change startup dash,then choose install evox on upgraded dash.
or you can of course choose another dash like unleashx or avalaunch.just make sure when you select your dash that it is the upgraded dash option.
and this will not affect your xbox hdd as long as you just choose the change startup dash option.

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#3 thisisnotanexit


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Posted 27 March 2009 - 09:14 PM

Thanks for the response and advice. Worked great.

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