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Ps3 Vs 360

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#1 lazybox


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Posted 24 June 2009 - 02:06 AM

Ya I'm sure this has been covered but I need to ask. How reliable are they?

My 360 is a pain and is going back for repair again.

Reason I ask is my Dad has been thinking about getting a 360 for the past year so he can still use his xbox1 games on it.
Now he has no intrest in backing up games there are no kids there to rune them so I'm thinking reliability.

+1 blue ray player

but are they stable?

Do they have the same poor quality and design as the 360?

Any input is greatly appreciated.

I think it rocks that a 70 yr old guy still loves his video games so I would hate to send him in the wrong direction.

#2 .ISO


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Posted 26 June 2009 - 07:39 PM

Bluray players are a good feature ps3 fan boys goes around "omfg bluray, teh shytbox dun hav it1!1!1one111!"...but most of them doesn't even use it to play bluray movies to be honest

Right now (As summer of 2009), the failure rate of Xbox 360 is not any higher compared to PS3

Go with a Xbox if you want to play backups, and go with PS3 if not.

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#3 H@D3S


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Posted 26 June 2009 - 08:51 PM

I have had my PS3 since the day they came out. So far no problems at all with it. My 360 has been sent back 3 times.

#4 Chancer


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Posted 26 June 2009 - 09:40 PM

QUOTE(.ISO @ Jun 26 2009, 07:39 PM) View Post

Bluray players are a good feature ps3 fan boys goes around "omfg bluray, teh shytbox dun hav it1!1!1one111!"...but most of them doesn't even use it to play bluray movies to be honest

Based on????

QUOTE(.ISO @ Jun 26 2009, 07:39 PM) View Post

Right now (As summer of 2009), the failure rate of Xbox 360 is not any higher compared to PS3

More made up garbage (Links and back up)

#5 SigmaXIX


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Posted 06 July 2009 - 07:37 AM

PS3 vs Xbox 360. I'll let the numbers and the repeat discussions be the foundation of this post...
Nobody needs to reiterate this information in additional thread postings here.

PS3 - have not really had systemic failures like the Xbox 360. Laser failure is #1 issue ($75 job).

Xbox 360 - earlier batches were "from hell", newer consoles lack same percentage of issues

I currently have: 4 Xbox360's & 1 PS3. A Xbox360 from release day was factory-repaired 4-5 times. Sold it when the HDMI systems were released, 0 problems ever since. I play 24/7/365.

Words of encouragement for both:
PS3 - Standalone players may be profile 1 or 2, PS3 is continuously-current Blu-Ray technology. Some very strange Japanese games available, and region-free PS3 titles

Xbox360 - More games, ported games reviewed better on 360, and larger online community.

Unsubstantiated if JASPER is more-stable, but calling 18004MYXBOX to register and adding the $56 3-year extended warranty is insurance.

Rumors show PS3 will get a software emulator to run PS2 games, useless for Xbox1 games.

In summation:
if he loves his games, go Xbox360. He'll find more commonalities from his Xbox1.

if you're disgruntled, sell the old Xbox360 to some poor sap, use the $100 to buy the newest Xbox360.

if you want PS3, late August for the Slim or a deal on the Fat. Be warned(!): get a thorough experience with PS3 before diving-in; the interface is dated, peculiar "Install" jobs for downloaded content, nobody online, and quirks that *may* be fixed with OS 3.0. You would be disappointed without some real time using PS3 before purchase.

#6 shadow king 13

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Posted 29 July 2009 - 02:53 AM

I own both and I have to say that the PS3 it built better but both have their problems. You really cant go wrong with either. If he's more into media then I say PS3 hands down but, if he's more into just gaming than I give the 360 that one because thats really all its for and its cheaper. Reliablity......thats a relly good question with too many differnt answers. blink.gif

#7 poofyhairguy


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Posted 30 July 2009 - 01:15 AM

I have had all three. The only one that has never failed on me is the Wii. But of course the Wii is the land of shovelware, and it best used for parties, exercising, and toying with probably the most hackable console since the original Xbox (the snes emulator is amazing).

My PS3 (20 gb model) died. But I think thats because I put a 120 gb HD in (same one I later flashed to work with my 360) and it got too hot. But my close friend's PS3 died and my dad's PS3 died (older 80 GB models), yet Sony fixed those promptly under warranty and they have worked fine since. But I think thats because they are the older kind. When you pick up an older PS3 (the kind that could play PS2 games) and you pick up a current (60, 120), the new ones are so much lighter and runs so much cooler. Also the PS3 is a WAY better media center then the 360. I mean its no Plex, but its ability to play Blu Rays and converted downloaded mkvs with surround puts it far above anything in the console arena. Plus I like the Crossbar OS more than any console OS ever.

If he can wait until the PS3 has that inevitable price drop and he wants a Blu Ray player and or he loves MGS, then go for the PS3. Its an awesome console (just a tad over priced now I think now that Blu Ray player are sub $150) with awesome games. Its my second favorite console to my DS lite....

If you need it sooner than that and he lives near a UPS place, get a from a store (with a warranty) 360. A lot of the biggest titles are on both now (even FF eventually) so the 360 is pretty awesome too. I mean it's right there, only behind because a lack of media stuff. So if he is a pure gamer, just go for it and save the money for games.

Just go into being ok with it maybe dying and needing fixing its its life by MS. Its not a big deal really, still a great console.

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