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Operation Flashpoint: Elite

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Posted 18 July 2009 - 07:55 PM

I didn't see a review on the forum, correct me if I'm wrong.

Operation Flashpoint: Elite was released for the Xbox in 2005, while it had low graphic quality, the gameplay was outstanding. It may not live up to some of today's standards, but for 2005 it was a great game. I still play it occasionally, and the mission editor really adds to the longevity. I know hardly anyone plays it on live anymore, sometimes I will make a game and wait for someone to join. The gameplay gets a 5/5. The graphics a 2-3/5. The storyline a 4/5. The Sound gets a 2/5, the voice acting is terrible. The character's motion in cutscenes was awkward at best, but during the missions was where it really shined, you can command a squad of up to 12 soldiers, and if you choose civilian in mission editor, you can control a crowd of civilians. You can fly in helicopters, and planes; ride in tanks, cars, tractors, trucks, etc. There are also a few boats as well. You can control soldiers who are in these vehicles as well, it includes 5 large maps 5Km+ maps as well. People still play it on pc, but the game of the year edition mostly. "Elite" was for xbox and included the Cold War Crisis, and Resistance campaigns. Game of The Year Edition includes an additional Red Hammer Campaign.

Overall The Game is good, I like it, today's standards are stricter than when it was originally released on pc in 2001. But if you play games for fun and not hd graphics like the 360 gives you, then you have yourself a must-play. I prefer this game over halo 3 and the mass effect games for 360 (owner), I really like alot of the old xbox games opposed to the 360 games. Though there are many good 360 games out there (i.e. Assassins Creed, can't wait for #2!).

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