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Start On My Xbox?

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Posted 22 September 2009 - 11:32 PM


My first post in the 360 forums. I was an Xbox 1 guy for a long time. I was holding out buying a 360 until such a time that it would be cracked to the level the Xbox 1 has. But, I've accepted that's not going to happen for whatever reason. So, a couple of weeks ago I happened on a great deal and bought myself a 360. Mine was made in '07, so I guess I won't suffer the RROD, but even at that I can tell this thing has a serious design flaw in regards to heat management.

Anyway, irrelevant preamble aside, here's my question...

Whenever I start up my Xbox it defaults to the Welcome screen, or if I disable that in the settings it defaults to the Spotlight (I think it's called, whatever keeps showing that annoying pic with the Beatles). I want it to just go to the My Xbox menu. I've drilled but just can't figure it out.

Thank in advance

P. S. I apologize if this has been posted before. I searched but couldn't find it. If its here and I missed it it was a honest mistake. Please don't flame me. Thanks.

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Posted 23 September 2009 - 03:02 PM

The xbox 360 is slowly, but surely getting to the level of the original xbox thanks to the JTAG hack which will eventually be released across all system revisions. The only thing is that it is restricted to a point cause it can use system kernels all the way up from the first and up to the last one before the last major update, which disables it. Which would be the 09 summer update which would be kernel 8549 I believe. So you'll have to wait it out, but hopefully for not much longer. That's of course if your console isnt fully updated.

As for your console not going to suffer RROD.....It's a falcon model, and while they are good at preventing RROD to some extent....They eventually suffer it as well. Even the newer jasper models do, though the cases of RROD with them are few and between. I realize I may confuse you with this falcon and jasper model stuff, but this is the thing with them. They are hardware revisions. The first batches of consoles started as xenon, then they made zephyrs, then falcons, then jaspers. For people sending in their units to MS they got back what people call opus, which is basically a modified xenon, but isnt seen at retail like the others.

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