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Xebian Showing F Drive As Empty

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Posted 25 September 2009 - 12:54 PM

Hey Folks,

Sorry if this has been asked many times before, I searched but saw no answer.

I am trying to convert my Xbox into a torrentbox using Xebian and torrentflux, I have the Torrent Client set up ok but I am having probs with mounting my F Drive.

I have edited the fstab to include the following:

/dev/hda55 /mnt/F fatx defaults,user,umask=000 0 0

and the mount command says that it is mounted, but when I "ls /mnt/F" it shows the contents as empty.

My Info is as follows

750GB HDD all on F drive. No G.

Thanks for any help!!

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Posted 05 October 2009 - 01:40 AM

this may have to do with user permissions, which is a hassle for any newbie to linux.

i dont know about the version of linux you are working with, but i use xdsl, and know that xdsl is xebian based.

xdsl by default loads up and logs on as a user called dsl. this user has limited permissions and rights for accessing drives and writing information.

you will have to run your torrent client with root user permissions, from what i am used to anyway.

how do you execute your programs with root access?

open terminal with root access. if you cannot open your torrent with root access, then open yuour terminal, and use the - sudo su - command.

once you have root access in terminal, execute your program by its command line name. an example is to execute bittorrent in xdsl from terminal root is to simply type, bittorrent.

there *may* be an alternate method as well.

with firefox or your other preferred browser, go to your torrent site and browse and download the .torrent file to your linux loopback system. in firefox you will click the link and select save from the dialogue box. in xdsl, downloads *usually* by default are saved to dsl/home/

when you have your torrent file saved locally, close your browser.

if you have emelfm in your linux installation, select your option to run emelfm as root.
IPB Image
this is simply a demo image of emelfm to show you what it looks like.

once emelfm has been opened in root user, browse to dsl/home/ and find the torrent file you wish to download.

highlight the file and click your white button on your xbox controller. this should bring up a small context menu, much like right clicking a file in windows displays a context menu.

if your context menu shows up, it may display torrentflux. if it does, select and click it.

this *should* then execute torrentflux. if it does, then your torrentflux will be running with full permissions, where you can then setup its downloading options, etc.

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