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Xdsl, Wine, And Diablo 2

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Posted 09 October 2009 - 07:20 AM

My goal is to run Diablo 2 in Direct Draw 2d mode via wine on my xdsl.

I have xdsl installed, 2gb loopback.

So far I have installed xdsl0.7 etc, enabled apt(i believe), installed xfree86(i believe), and installed nvidia accelerated drivers(i believe). I say i believe because I hit the enable apt button, i clicked the install xfree86 button and i installed the newest nvidia.dsl via mydsl. That is all. Actually i did add a line to xf86config-4; I added Load "glx" under the module section but how can i check if it's running or not?

Also is there any difference between apt-get and installing via mydsl browser?

I downloaded wine_0.9.22.dsl and installed it and i was able to install diablo 2 and patch it perfectly. However, i realised that this particular version of wine that i installed did not include the opengl drivers. thus when running the d2vidtest.exe, it did not recognize any usable video modes. So, next stop, i installed wine_0.9.28_with_opengl.unc(i believe) before uninstalling wine_0.9.22, not sure if i'm supposed to uninstall or not. i tried to wine diablo 2 when i got the error informing me that glibc >=2.3 could not run without NPTL or TLS. Apparently the glibc with NPTL cannot run on a 2.4 kernel which is what i believe i have and I'm not sure if it is possible to upgrade to a 2.6 kernel since I think Damn Small Linux refuses to upgrade to 2.6 because it takes alot more room. So, that wine didnt work either. After some more searching I came across xwine.dsl and i downloaded it and uninstalled every wine related file i could find so that's where i'm at now.

Ok so, how do i get wine to run properly with direct draw/opengl/etc?

Quite a few people on here have said they got starcraft running well, so I would like to know what version of wine/xwine? xfree86, xorg or default xfbdev should I be using? also on the nvidia.dsl installation page it mentions that I need to setup xfree86 and then install the nvidia.dsl and then run nvidia_xsetup on the DSL Menu. I've no idea what this is talking about since i cannot find anything on the web related to nvidia_xsetup.

So to reiterate my laundry list:
-wine_0.9.22, 0.9.28_with_opengl, or xwine?
-xfree86, xorg, or xfbdev display?
-nvidida accelerated drivers?
-apt-get, or mydsl?
-xf86config settings?

if anyone can give me some advice, links, step by step explanation on any of these it would be much appreciated, although i think i've already googled the entire web. If any of my questions get answered I wouldn't mind making step by step tutorials for them as well for future users.

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Posted 20 October 2009 - 04:40 PM

now that is an idea that i like. if you get it working let me know i would love to try it out

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