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Report Of Abuses In Irc Official Channel #xbox-scene

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Posted 27 October 2009 - 04:08 PM

The first thing that i need to say is that im services admin in irc.dark-alex.org (and global mod in "old" dark-alex forums)
I know how a IRC works... and i know the functions of an operator... and im not noob in console scene

I dont use to talk about "what im" and "what i know" but i think that now is neccesary, because yesterday i was banned in #xbox-scene (the official channel in EFnet server)
This abuse is the reason because im opening this thread... and this previous explains are neccesary because im not sure if i will be banned here too

I have not found a better place to talk about this, if some mod can guide me to a mail like: abuse@xboxscene i will send this there, but i prefer to talk about this in public because im sure that lot of people that use to enter in this channel have the same oppinion then me about this guy (lefty)

What happened yesterday was this: (all this conversations are extracted from my logs of this channel... are real, and are not manipulated)

oct 26 14:14:58 <sandungas> how can lefty be op in this channel ? o0
oct 26 14:15:51 <sandungas> he has not helped anyone in the time im here
oct 26 14:16:03 <sandungas> the only thing he keeps saying to everybody is:
oct 26 14:16:25 <sandungas> you... go to #channelX to piracy
oct 26 14:16:50 <sandungas> he is ACUSING the people to do ILEGALL things
oct 26 14:17:29 <sandungas> guys that question about how to flash a hacked firmware in his driver (just an example)
oct 26 14:18:07 <sandungas> FYI leftyf... dvd hacked firmwares are part os the xbox scene
oct 26 14:18:16 <sandungas> and this channel is called "xbox scene"
oct 26 14:18:27 <sandungas> you are killing the scene-... and this channel
oct 26 14:29:35 »» leftyfBX removes channel operator status from sandungas
oct 26 14:29:35 »» leftyfBX sets ban on *!*sandungas@*.orange.es
oct 26 14:29:35 »» You have been kicked from #xbox-scene by leftyfBX (bye)

After this ban... i opened a private conversation with him (with no response)
oct 26 14:35:49 <sandungas> very polite
oct 26 14:36:17 <sandungas> and very intelligent person
oct 26 14:36:18 <sandungas> XD
...................... closed coversation.... and opened again.....................
oct 26 14:43:46 <sandungas> ohh, i forgot
oct 26 14:44:08 <sandungas> and a coward and arrogant for not to discuss
oct 26 14:44:29 <sandungas> im not interested to be in a channel where a guy is fucking all the rest of the users
oct 26 14:44:30 <sandungas> bye

My reasons to say this are this conversations from past 2 months
I was lurking in my logs to take a copy of all the shit that this guy uses to "throw" to other users
*Lot of text here... but i promise.... this is the only conversation this guy know to mantain... there is not another kind of conversation from him in my logs


sep 04 18:31:20 <lunitunez> to those familiar with xbmc, can you launch game images off a network drive, just as you can launch divx movies from them?
...........(9 minutes of offtopic conversation from lefty and friends)
sep 04 18:40:03 <lunitunez> to those familiar with xbmc, can you launch game images off a network drive, just as you can launch divx movies from them?
sep 04 18:40:35 <leftyfb> lunitunez: ask 7 more times for an answer
sep 04 18:40:49 <leftyfb> lunitunez: the answer is no
sep 04 18:42:54 <lunitunez> sorry i confused this with an actual "scene" channel
sep 04 18:43:37 <lunitunez> fuck off
sep 04 18:45:01 <leftyfb> fuck off?
sep 04 18:45:18 <leftyfb> you're asking for help and then tell us to fuck off?
sep 04 18:46:08 <lunitunez> i asked twice, however the drama queen within yourself stretched the truth
sep 04 18:46:16 <lunitunez> its not a big deal
sep 04 18:46:33 <leftyfb> ok, you can leave now .. you got your answer
sep 04 18:46:39 <lunitunez> thanks
sep 04 19:19:52 <Stylok> what is the best way of modding the xbox360?
sep 04 19:19:59 <Stylok> from xecuter?
sep 04 19:20:18 <|p> stylok join #jungleflasher
sep 04 19:20:42 <|p> you dont need anything but a pc with sata and some intelligence
sep 04 19:20:42 <leftyfb> Stylok: there is no modding of a 360 other than cosmetics
sep 04 19:20:45 <|p> unless u got a liteon
sep 04 19:20:48 <|p> then u need a probe
sep 04 19:20:52 <thegame_e> i flash umoms jungle
sep 04 19:20:54 <|p> (if its an old liteon)
sep 04 19:20:56 <Stylok> ist there?
sep 04 19:20:59 <Stylok> what do you mean?
sep 04 19:21:09 <leftyfb> other than that, all that is available is flashing dvd drive firmware for the purpose of playing pirated games
sep 04 19:21:12 <|p> he's saying flashing a console is not modding
sep 04 19:21:13 <Stylok> isnt there a modchip for it like on the xbox one?
sep 04 19:21:16 <|p> no
sep 04 19:21:18 <leftyfb> no
sep 04 19:21:23 <Stylok> damn
sep 04 19:21:24 <Stylok> why not?
sep 04 19:21:25 <leftyfb> and there's no homebrew
sep 04 19:21:29 <|p> you can jtag hack old xenon's
sep 04 19:21:32 <Stylok> can u ftp to the xbox360?
sep 04 19:21:36 <leftyfb> :/
sep 04 19:21:36 <|p> and get half a snes port
sep 04 19:21:43 <|p> outside of that, no homebrew yet
sep 04 19:21:45 <Stylok> and copy programs like xbox media center?
sep 04 19:21:50 <leftyfb> Stylok: what part of "there is no modding" don't you understand?
sep 04 19:22:29 <|p> probably the parts in masshole
sep 04 19:22:43 <leftyfb> smile.gif
sep 04 19:22:54 <|p> someone redid the entering sign at the NH border here again
sep 04 19:23:01 <|p> now says "welcome to taxachusetts'
sep 04 19:23:10 <thegame_e> i dont get it
sep 04 19:23:23 <|p> come pay our taxes you will
sep 04 19:23:24 <leftyfb> Stylok: you mentioned "xbox360 mobile" ... what exactly are you talking about?
sep 04 19:23:32 <|p> he meant modable
sep 04 19:23:38 <Stylok> i know xecuter
sep 04 19:23:45 <leftyfb> AH!
sep 04 19:23:47 <leftyfb> heh
sep 04 19:23:48 <leftyfb> oops
sep 04 19:23:50 <Stylok> and xecuter has things for x360
sep 04 19:23:53 <|p> and i'm working on 360slim, waiting on some heatsyncs i ordered
sep 04 19:23:59 <thegame_e> that one douchebag made a 360 mobile
sep 04 19:24:07 <|p> case is done, and dvd drive been slimmed down
sep 04 19:24:13 <Stylok> isnt there a way to things like one the xbox one
sep 04 19:24:23 <leftyfb> Stylok: NO!
sep 04 19:24:25 <|p> gonna ebay it when its done
sep 04 19:24:41 <thegame_e> |p ill pay you $566465456419864
sep 04 19:24:47 <Stylok> that is strange isnt there a mediaplayer for the x360?
sep 04 19:24:59 <|p> lol, you kid, but i need at least 450$ just to cover my cost and reasonable time
sep 04 19:25:02 <thegame_e> theres one built in
sep 04 19:25:03 <|p> like 1$ hour time
sep 04 19:25:08 <leftyfb> thegame_e: you talking about Ben Heck?
sep 04 19:25:11 <thegame_e> yes
sep 04 19:25:19 <Stylok> i am not getting the info i am looking for
sep 04 19:25:26 <thegame_e> butchers controllers and consoles and stuff
sep 04 19:25:27 <|p> but, it looks professional
sep 04 19:25:28 <Stylok> ok what can you do with the blaster360?
sep 04 19:25:33 <|p> not some hacked up piece of crap
sep 04 19:25:42 <|p> ive put probably 50+ hours into the case alone
sep 04 19:25:46 <|p> to get it just right
sep 04 19:25:52 <thegame_e> |p ....it gonna be shiny?
sep 04 19:26:00 <|p> no, its gonna be black
sep 04 19:26:03 <thegame_e> sad.gif
sep 04 19:26:04 <|p> started with an elite case
sep 04 19:26:10 <thegame_e> ill give you $50 for it then
sep 04 19:26:19 <Stylok> or with the connectivity kit 3?
sep 04 19:26:20 <|p> ive gotta make some kinda cable to connect hdd with
sep 04 19:26:38 <|p> or make the hdd top mount and the xbox horizontal setup only
sep 04 19:26:42 <leftyfb> Stylok: there is no homebrew modding of the xbox 360. The only thing available out there is flashing the dvd drive firmware for playing pirated games. STOP ASKING
sep 04 19:26:55 <|p> cuz its about 2.5" wider than the console itself now
sep 04 19:27:08 <thegame_e> oh just shove it in
sep 04 19:27:11 <thegame_e> it will go
sep 04 19:27:16 <Stylok> ok will there be a modchip?
sep 04 19:27:17 <|p> i moved the memcard slots up to where the hdd used to connect
sep 04 19:27:19 <Stylok> come out?
sep 04 19:27:34 * leftyfBX removes channel operator status from Stylok
sep 04 19:27:34 * leftyfBX sets ban on *!*hehe@*.telfort.nl
sep 04 19:27:35 <-- leftyfBX has kicked Stylok from #xbox-scene (bye)

sep 04 19:27:47 <|p> ty
sep 04 19:27:47 <thegame_e> lol nice
sep 04 19:27:51 <thegame_e> lefty has ban power now
sep 04 19:27:57 <leftyfb> thegame_e: why do you call Ben Heck a douchebag?
sep 04 19:27:59 <thegame_e> about damn time
sep 04 19:28:15 <leftyfb> the guy is a family man who does some of the best modding work out there
sep 04 19:28:29 <leftyfb> or are you just jealous?
sep 04 19:28:39 <thegame_e> you look at his stupid 360/ps3 combo controller and tell me it doesnt look like shit
sep 04 19:29:13 <|p> is it a proof of concept thing?
sep 04 19:29:13 <leftyfb> once again, you prove you're an idiot
sep 04 19:29:17 <|p> or something he's selling?
sep 04 19:29:35 <|p> cuz i coulda pounded out a quick and dirty 360slim no problem
sep 04 19:29:44 <|p> but i want to sell it after
sep 04 19:30:14 <|p> so, ive spent hours upon hours making sure the seams are even and that that cutouts are smooth and deburred
sep 04 19:30:16 <|p> etc etc
sep 04 19:30:39 <thegame_e> http://www.blogcdn.c...p09_bhecpad.jpg
sep 04 19:30:45 <|p> put in custom 1.8inch fans x 8
sep 04 19:31:11 <leftyfb> thegame_e: when you can do better, then you can open your mouth
sep 04 19:31:42 <thegame_e> ditto
sep 04 19:31:50 <|p> i wouldve (personally) tried to make the controller reversable
sep 04 19:31:57 <|p> with disconnecting thumbsticks
sep 04 19:32:17 <|p> but i dont think it looks horrible
sep 04 19:32:22 <|p> a bit hard to use maybe
sep 04 19:41:20 <thegame_e> so does this guy actually sell this stuff or does he just do it so he can pull his dick out and show everybody what he can do on his downtime while being an IT guy at some dumb corporation?
sep 04 19:43:23 <leftyfb> thegame_e: stop being a dumbass
sep 04 19:43:37 <thegame_e> k\
sep 04 19:44:28 <thegame_e> legit question tho
sep 04 19:44:33 <leftyfb> it's not
sep 04 19:45:16 <leftyfb> whenever you use "pull his dick out" in your question, you lose all credibility
sep 04 19:45:20 <leftyfb> now stop being a dumbass
sep 04 19:45:23 <leftyfb> grow up

sep 04 19:48:51 <thegame_e> yes sir sad.gif
sep 04 20:35:01 <Chon_Lee> I don't wanna grow up... I'm a toys r us kid.... there's a million toys at toys r us that I can play with... from bikes to games to video games it's the biggest toy store there is... I don't wanna grow up cause if I did... I wouldn't be a toys r us kid.
sep 04 20:35:12 <Chon_Lee> sing along
sep 04 20:35:13 <Chon_Lee> 1
sep 04 20:35:14 <Chon_Lee> !
sep 04 20:37:10 <sandungas> <leftyfb> Stylok: there is no modding of a 360 other than cosmetics
sep 04 20:37:11 <sandungas> ?¿
sep 04 20:37:19 <sandungas> and liquid cooling?
sep 04 20:37:20 <sandungas> dual nand
sep 04 20:37:22 <sandungas> dual hd
sep 04 20:37:26 <sandungas> mmm
sep 04 20:37:46 <sandungas> better air tunnel (not the shitty microsoft design)
sep 04 20:37:54 <sandungas> better heatsinks
sep 04 20:37:57 <sandungas> better fans
sep 04 20:38:00 <sandungas> etc...
sep 04 20:38:26 <thegame_e> Chon_Lee be quiet plz
sep 04 20:40:02 <sandungas> there is at least 2 things that microsoft did wrong in ALL models
sep 04 20:40:12 <sandungas> GPU heatsink + air tunnel
sep 04 20:42:30 <sandungas> if they fix this... there will be no more 3 leds of death
sep 04 20:42:52 <sandungas> i did a lot of temperature test with 3 digital temperature sensors
sep 04 20:43:29 <sandungas> i can assure... thet the GPU is cooler than the CPU (both in the same conditions... same heatsink, same fans, same airtunnel)
sep 04 20:43:34 <sandungas> *that
sep 04 21:13:10 <leftyfb> sandungas: email Microsoft
sep 04 21:14:11 <sandungas> no thx
sep 04 21:14:28 <sandungas> sure they want to chat about sex, connect webcams, etc...
sep 04 21:14:42 <Syrus> you would be surprised
sep 04 21:16:13 <sandungas> seriously...
sep 04 21:16:15 <sandungas> <sandungas> there is at least 2 things that microsoft did wrong in ALL models
sep 04 21:16:15 <sandungas> <sandungas> GPU heatsink + air tunnel
sep 04 21:16:20 <sandungas> they know this
sep 04 21:16:22 <leftyfb> we get it
sep 04 21:16:37 <sandungas> and i cant imagine a reason why they dont fix it
sep 04 21:17:01 <leftyfb> because they didn't hire you
sep 04 21:18:13 <sandungas> even an ape is able to see this, not just me
sep 04 21:18:41 <leftyfb> we get it
sep 04 21:19:33 <leftyfb> nobody here knew there were problems with the xbox 360 or that they made some bad decisions before you came and told us. Thank you. And we respect the fact that you are smarter than their Engineering team and could have designed a better product.
sep 04 21:20:03 <sandungas> i was tryint to talk about what you said
sep 04 21:20:11 <sandungas> <leftyfb> Stylok: there is no modding of a 360 other than cosmetics
sep 04 21:21:18 <leftyfb> And if you paid attention to the previous conversation to which you weren't a part of, you would have noticed that the kid only wanted to talk about modifications which added software functionality. Not improved cooling.
sep 04 21:21:50 <leftyfb> but thank you for trying to prove wrong a point that was never brought up
sep 05 17:12:12 <Baxon> Good evening. Whats the current status on xbox 360 live and modified firmware? Do they ban your console if you only stick to original games online?
sep 05 17:16:13 <leftyfb> yes
sep 05 17:16:29 <leftyfb> if you have modified your firmware, DO NOT play the xbox online
sep 05 17:16:53 <leftyfb> this is permanent. If you want to play your pirated game, you need another xbox to play offline
sep 05 17:18:37 <Baxon> i know these things apply to xbox1, but I also heard that modifying only your DVD drive in the xbox 360 does not get you banned. Have they actually initiated ban waves on the consoles running modified 360 dvdroms?
sep 05 17:18:49 <leftyfb> no, we are talking about the xbox 360
sep 05 17:18:58 <leftyfb> yes
sep 05 17:19:12 <leftyfb> if you play your modified xbox360 online, you'll be banned
sep 05 17:19:39 <leftyfb> that's the price you pay for pirating games
sep 05 17:19:48 <Baxon> hehe, im not much of a pirater really

sep 05 17:19:53 <leftyfb> right
sep 05 17:19:58 <Baxon> i just create backups of the most expensive games
sep 05 17:20:03 <leftyfb> right
sep 05 17:20:08 <leftyfb> or you could take care of them
sep 05 17:21:07 <Baxon> or make my two year old son stay in a cage so he does not chew on the games
sep 05 17:21:47 <leftyfb> you should spend more time with your 2yo son and less time pirating video games. What kind of role model are you?
sep 23 17:24:57 <cameronfi> hello
sep 23 17:25:15 <cameronfi> could anyone help me
sep 23 17:25:36 <leftyfb> depends
sep 23 17:25:45 <cameronfi> lol glad to see someone is alive
sep 23 17:26:01 <cameronfi> well i have abgx 1.0.1 on my mac, and im trying to check a game i already burned
sep 23 17:26:07 <cameronfi> i get this error: UNIX BURNED DVD INPUT
sep 23 17:26:07 <cameronfi> For unix based operating systems devices are file names
sep 23 17:26:20 <cameronfi> i've searched far and wide and have found lots of people with the same question, but no answer
sep 23 17:26:31 <leftyfb> sorry, can't help you with that
sep 23 17:26:35 <leftyfb> do you have the original game?
sep 23 17:26:50 <cameronfi> yeah
sep 23 17:26:58 <leftyfb> good, play that

sep 23 17:26:58 <cameronfi> i just dont want to have to burn another copy
sep 23 17:27:06 <cameronfi> i know i can check the iso then reburn
sep 23 17:27:13 <leftyfb> you don't have to burn anything. Just play the original
sep 23 17:28:01 <cameronfi> wanna be sure i have a working backup since my 8 year old brother seems to be able to scratch/break anythng shiny
sep 23 17:28:34 <leftyfb> Then you come up with a way to not allow your 8yo brother to have access to your games
sep 23 17:28:52 <leftyfb> Get your parents involved and let them know you don't want your $50 game ruined
sep 27 23:15:36 <japanfred> hey all, getting a warning, not an error, after a firmware dump, saying BenQ drive serial is missing 'Wiseley loves lan'
sep 27 23:18:14 <leftyfb> go to #fw for help with pirating games
sep 27 23:19:47 <japanfred> Backing up isn't pirating, thanks for your help.
sep 27 23:20:05 <leftyfb> right
sep 27 23:20:08 <leftyfb> go to #fw
sep 27 23:29:49 <iateshagg> leftyfBX, r u site mod?
sep 27 23:30:05 <leftyfb> not anymore
oct 03 16:04:10 <ioio> hi there
oct 03 16:04:31 <ioio> can anyone help me with hdd hack?
oct 03 16:05:34 <ioio> i tryed to undo the firmware to the WD original and i think i fucked the drive, dont recognise anymore
oct 03 16:05:56 <ioio> is there any fix for this ?
oct 03 16:24:07 <Antman> try hddprep and see. you may have to have another drive and try a swap method
oct 03 17:08:47 <ioio> im talking about xbox360 hdd hax, i think hddprep its only for create partitions on xbox1 hdd
oct 03 17:10:24 <leftyfb> ioio: go to #fw for help with piracy
oct 03 17:11:16 <ioio> its not piracy, its modding

oct 03 17:11:26 <leftyfb> right
oct 03 17:11:39 <leftyfb> and i've never had this conversation before
oct 03 17:11:50 <ioio> ok
oct 03 17:11:52 <ioio> tks
oct 03 17:12:11 <leftyfb> modding is modifying the hardware in some way to allow for added functionality. All you are doing is making it so you can play games you didn't pay for.
oct 06 00:00:26 <thegame_e> http://cache-04.gawk...x_blueblood.jpg
oct 06 00:00:33 <thegame_e> thats how you make a controller leftyfBX
oct 06 00:01:01 <leftyfb> thegame_e: again, you prove yourself an idiot
oct 06 00:01:21 <leftyfb> the only modding done there is some led's and a coat of paint
oct 06 00:01:31 <leftyfb> no fabrication at all
oct 06 00:03:53 <thegame_e> so?? you dont need to rip the whole controller apart and only put it halfway back together to make it loook good
oct 06 00:04:06 <leftyfb> you're an idiot
oct 06 00:04:09 <leftyfb> i'm going home
oct 06 00:04:15 <sandungas> if you install a led, you are a pirate XD
oct 06 00:05:09 <sandungas> [/ironic mode]
oct 06 00:08:33 <thegame_e> well leftyfb you know what they say about opinions
oct 06 01:18:43 <leftyfb> thegame_e: when you keep proving the point, it's tends to become less an opinion and more a fact of life
oct 06 01:18:59 <leftyfb> it's ok, being an idiot doesn't make you a bad person
oct 06 01:19:16 <leftyfb> just means you shouldn't operate heavy machinery
oct 06 01:19:24 <leftyfb> you might have a good career in politics
oct 06 01:21:37 <NoRemorse> fucking massholes
oct 06 01:21:48 <leftyfb> sup redneck
oct 06 01:22:10 <NoRemorse> nadda
oct 06 01:22:38 <NoRemorse> just recording The NoReaga's wourld premire video
oct 06 01:23:49 <NoRemorse> now if i can just get windows movie maker to do its job, lol
oct 06 01:25:11 <NoRemorse> i made every member in the band in GH5 me, lol
oct 06 01:52:03 <thegame_e> [18:18] <leftyfb> it's ok, being an idiot doesn't make you a bad person .... im honestly glad you feel that way smile.gif
oct 19 16:06:03 <hybrid_x> Ive just made a backup of WET and it doesnt match the file size of my other X360 iso's and ive ripped it twice using latest XBC and S360X with the same file size
oct 19 16:06:28 <leftyfb> play the original disc
oct 19 16:07:50 <hybrid_x> yeah but it defeats the purpose of being able to make a backup
oct 19 16:08:18 <leftyfb> you don't need a "backup"

oct 19 16:08:21 <hybrid_x> the iso still passes all the checks and i was just wondering if it would still play alright if i burnt it
oct 19 16:08:26 <leftyfb> take care of your $50 investment
oct 19 16:08:40 <leftyfb> I hope you don't play on live
oct 19 16:08:53 <leftyfb> you WILL be banned if you play burned games
oct 19 16:09:14 <icekiller> omg
oct 19 16:09:19 <icekiller> your a little whiner leftyfBX
oct 22 05:14:34 <JamesD> I have an ICH8 onboard Sata controller. So far it has worked for sammies and hitachi's. Will it work for benq's and lite-ons as well?
oct 22 05:17:15 <leftyfb> go to #fw for help with piracy

oct 22 05:23:46 <JamesD> Are the Xecuter thermal pads better than the stock pads?
oct 22 06:14:53 <sandungas> leftyfb how many years old you are ?
oct 25 00:11:17 <Bleubeard> can anyone help with getting a pcmcia via sata card to detect my drive?
oct 25 00:12:49 <leftyfb> Bleubeard: go to #fw for help with piracy

oct 25 00:13:18 <Bleubeard> piracy eh?
oct 25 00:13:22 <leftyfb> yes
oct 25 00:13:28 <leftyfb> we don't help with that here
oct 25 00:13:35 <leftyfb> they will in #fw though
oct 25 00:14:11 <thegame_e> sad.gif
oct 25 00:23:17 <thegame_e> lefty y u gotta be buzzkill buzzkilington?

This guy knows nothing about scene or modding, and he is helping nothing to the channel or the "360 scene" in general
Maybe he is trying to "protect" the channel about illegal talks... but a noob cant do this task, to moderate a channel is needed to know what you are talking about

The only thing i did was giving him my oppinion (i tried several times before when lefty was not an oper) but now that he is oper he dont want to hear other people oppinions (the corruption of the power) smile.gif

I hope somebody will help me and remove my ban in #xbox-scene, and remove the oper from lefty
Thx for reading all this shit.. is not funny (or maybe yes because lefty comments) but all this discussions are not my fault sad.gif

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Posted 28 October 2009 - 12:20 AM

I'd have to agree. This guy is no help at all. I got banned today for asking about a recommended SATA controller. He proceeded to try to convince me that flashing a DVD drive is piracy and after I said something back on how it isn't, I was banned. He offered no real advice other than to go to #fw which from my understanding is a piracy channel.

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Posted 28 October 2009 - 12:26 AM

Time to bust out a quote from the rules:
“Xantium, Syrus, Venom or HSDEMONZ banned me from the IRC channel ^%$, unban me, or help me get unbanned please… or WHY was I banned on IRC..”

First.. On this site.. we don’t give a shit what happened to you on IRC. Second, the channel is only loosely affiliated with Xs. We simply have it so others don’t shit on our name. We set the rules, and change them as we see fit. If you don’t like it feel free to start your own channel. (same applies to this site.. feel free to make your own community). We’ll also ban your Xs account on the site if you intend to log onto XS and stir up trouble, even if it’s as little as simply asking WHY you got banned on IRC. Leave IRC.. to IRC. If you can’t get a response on IRC.. then tough. Sucks to be you. Honestly. WE DON’T CARE.

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Posted 29 October 2009 - 03:51 AM

Leftyfb is far from a N00b, he is just pre-menopausal.

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