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Black Screen After Repairing Softmod- Missing One Small Piece

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#1 Ragueneau


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Posted 01 November 2009 - 07:05 AM

I wanted to restore my broken MS dash, so I pulled out a copy of AID 4.10, tried to reinstall the msdash from the softmod menu, and rather than fixing it, it set my xbox to only boot to a black screen.

I've done a bunch of things a bunch of times, but the last iteration went like this:

-unpack xboxhdm
-extract ms-c.zip from the AID disc with xiso, put contents into xboxhdm/linux/C
-Run Ndure 3.10, choosing only core files, kernel 4034*** and make create installer
-burn iso, boot
-hotswap, recreate partition from scratch
-apply ndure

I still have a black screen, and games (or autoinstallers) don't boot.

***I'm not sure this is the kernel version, as the disk has been formatted multiple times tonight. I guess I would need to match this to whatever was in ms-c.zip, whatever it was?

I feel like I'm really close, but I'm missing something crucial. What could it be?

#2 obcd


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Posted 01 November 2009 - 11:12 AM

Do you see a change in color on your eject button ring?
If you insert an original game disk in the xbox dvd, does it still boot?
If you are using ndure, you will need to select the correct kernel version for your xbox.
The kernel is part of the bios which is loaded from the xbox Tsop flash chip, not from the harddisk.
You could try the kernel independant ndure first, and check out for your correct kernel version afterwards.

Your problem is probably a wrong kernel version.


#3 Ragueneau


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Posted 01 November 2009 - 07:11 PM

Thanks obcd, I think it was a case of wrong kernel plus screwing up xboxhdm another way. I used the ndure installer to save directly to xboxhdm\linux, rather than creating an ndure folder to place within \linux. I also ran ndure with all the kernels selected, and later found that I was running v4817.

Below are my recovery notes for posterity:

To rebuild an Xbox from scratch, do the following:
-Open Xbox, put hard drive on PC power
-Power on PC with xboxhdm disc, then Xbox to unlock. On this revision of the Xbox (1.1), unlocking should take place after the "Microsoft" label appears. The keys retrieved from XBMC's System page may work otherwise.
-load xbrowser in the disc to ensure you can see into the hard drive, then exit and use xboxhd to recreate the disc from scratch. The iso here should be sufficient.
-After building the HD, return to xbrowser and run cd\ndure\ndure.htm (actually a shell script) to softmod.
-Finally, after everything is committed, powered down, and returned to factory wiring config, the auto-installer disc should be bootable. This is not however how xmbc was last restored, in fact I don't understand AID sufficently to keep from breaking the box again.
-To restore XBMC, ftp into UnleashX, copy the XBMC folder to e:\apps, and generate a shortcut using XBE Shortcut Maker to replace unleashx's default.xbe in e:\dash.

The tools above were generated by
-extracting xboxhdm
-using xiso to extract ms-c.zip from AID 4.10
-Copying ms-c to the linux\C folder
-Running ndure, choosing basic, all kernels, and xboxhdm installer, then copying the created ndure folder to the linux directory (do not write over linux!)

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