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Running A Linuxbox As Torrent Client And Server, Options For A Noob?

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#1 kanifee


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Posted 05 November 2009 - 05:16 PM

ok need a little help and guidence, never touched linux before in my life.
recently i have started to feel the need for a download box/nas, id like to use utorrent on it and be able to leave it doing whatever it needs to do. after looking at several solutions all breaking the 100 pound mark id realised i still had a xbox1 running xbmc made redundant by my htpc. so i set about converting it to a linux only box to experiment with, now i have the cromwell bios installed and am looking for distro's of linux to best fit my needs but im at a loss.
i need some advice on what is possible and what isnt, ideally torrent is my client of client of choice and torrent seeding and file serving are my main uses for this if it works. id like a nice interface to use to ease me into the linux experience but i really dont know what each distro has to offer or which i can realisticly rely on to do wht i need?

any help is greatly appreaciated.

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Posted 05 November 2009 - 11:11 PM

XDSL is by far the quickest. You can install Azureus in mydsl apps with a click of a button. You can also install samba pretty easy for the nas.

If you are a nzb fan. SABnzbd will install but it takes a little work.

The install of the distro is easy instruction are here


As far as Azureus. The mydsl is located as an icon on the desktop or available when you right click in your panel. Scan thru the options until you find Azurues and click the button to install. It will then put an icon on your desktop or an extension in your options when you right click for you to start Azureus,

The samba server will require you to look in mydsl for the samba but you will need to find the samba that has a description that says LinNeighborhood and install that. It will also put an icon on your desktop and an extension when you right click to fire it up.

As far as it seeing shares you can run the smbclient built in that is available when you right click. Or use the apt-get option changing to etch repositories and install a newer version of samba with a few modifications. The modifcations are found here.


I would like to point out it maybe necessary to also add a blank file in /etc/init.d/ name the file pcmcia you need to do this because for some reason when samba installs with apt-get it tries to overwrite this file but cant because the file does not exist. This causes the install to error out. But if you add the blank file named pcmcia it will install just fine. You may or maynot have to add the other files that are described in the link. But I am fairly sure you will need to add the "pcmcia part"

As far as getting these apps to fireup on startup. On most linux distros you can add commands to start up apps on startup adding the command to the /etc/fstab but with xdsl you need to add the commands to /opt/bootlocal.sh this is because with xdsl the fstab is generated at bootup and any changes you make there will erase on the next startup. This is why the need to add the commands to /opt/bootlocal.sh

If you are planning on using F + G partitions with fatx you are going to be limited to how big you make your partitions. Linux does not recognize custom partitions bigger than the old rule of 127gigs on F. There is a limitation on G as well but I am unsure of the exact cutoff. If you are going to use no fatx and are going to format the whole drive to use linux then you should not have any problem as far as I know with a size limitation. I think off the top of my head that ext3 is capable of atleast 2tb's on each partition.

Hope this helps if you are unsure of anything just give me a shout back and I will elaborate.

#3 jairolas


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Posted 07 November 2009 - 05:06 AM

Install Wine from MyDSL and once Wine is installed download windows utorrent and double click.
It works for me. muhaha.gif ohmy.gif

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