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Was Your 360 Banned From Live Recently (after Oct 28th)?

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Poll: Was your 360 banned from LIVE recently (after Oct 28th)?

Was your 360 banned from LIVE recently (after Oct 28th)?

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#196 symphony X

symphony X

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Posted 01 December 2009 - 02:26 PM

banned sad.gif and here's my short story:

I bought a used xbox 360 (xenon board, toshiba samsung drive) about 2 years ago, modded it myself and applied x-clamp fix right away, so far so good, I never played online, 1st time to go online was to d/l super street fighter 2 hd demo using the former owners silver account, 2nd time was to patch sacred 2, I always use my own profile when playing games, anyway I downloaded a dragon age origins early release, most comments says it's not stealth, unverified blah blah, but I tried it anyway.

arghh! wave 4 game, wtf is that? I researched then found about activate.iso, nice! played for a couple of days but then argghh! again, the dreaded rrod strikes, too lazy to try to fix the console atm, three weeks passed and finally got the time and stuff for the team hybrid ultimate x-clamp fix but again...

argghh! after all the drilling and sanding and screwing (lol) I didn't know my dads heat gun's broken, wtf! but I tried the "baking method" (with the dvd drive connected but was outside the console) and it worked! I immediately started dragon age and played for a couple of minutes then I tried to go online to see if there's an update, I was well aware that M$ has been banning lots of consoles lately but I figured i won't be coz I never played online, ever! but then bam! banned dry.gif this was 4 days ago.

I always use verbatim (singapore) burned @ 2x and ixtreme fws.

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#197 daywalker1971


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Posted 02 December 2009 - 03:01 AM

banned with a liteon (jasper arcade) first week of Nov?? I think??

#198 sunnyp_343


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Posted 04 December 2009 - 02:14 PM

i got banned on 12th nov.2009.i hd 1.51 xtreme benq.and i never played pre release game.i did not play call of duty 6 either online and offline. i only played halo wars most of time.

#199 pulsarnx


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Posted 06 December 2009 - 04:22 AM


-xbox 360 elite from 2008ish.
-modded ix1.61 on benq va6038 drive
-never played a game on live
-only used live for rockband DLC and dashboard updates and only did DLC fro mthe marketplace and not "in-game", I also booted rockband 2 for a game update to use my ion rocker drums.
-I leave my ethernet disconnected when not getting DLC
-modded xbox with dvd drive disconnected from sata port on xbox motherboard, but used xbox power supply to power the xbox-to power the dvd drive

Xbox died RROD August 22, 2009, applied for 3 year warranty fix, recieved shipping label. Was working out of town and forgot to send it in.

October 15th-ish 2009 I baked the console and got it working again, this lasted 3 days. In this time I used live to do a rockband 2 game update. Only played offline, with ethernet unpluged. That was all. RROD shortly after, no indication of violation of terms of use.

November 20ish, 2009 Called in to get a new shipping label (old one expires after 30 days) and they informed me that my console was flagged as "tampered". They sent a request to the repair center for the reason, and I still havn't recieved a response. They said I may have to send pictures of the console to them before they will issue a new shipping label.

Can MS tell a moded console, If a game has never been played on live, just booted to recieve the game updates and dlc? I would guess so. Although MS told me my console is marked tampered not banned.

Ideas ?

#200 Kaisonic


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Posted 06 December 2009 - 07:58 AM

If it's modded, then it has to have been opened, and MS won't even touch a console if the warranty sticker is gone.

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