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Why Am I Getting Fuzzy Noises In The Ms Dashboard And In Some Games, C

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Posted 04 December 2009 - 07:04 AM

Hi all! I'm having a strange problem with my xbox1. While I was accessing the different menus in the MS Dashboard, I noticed that the sound switching between menus seemed to be a little fuzzy and not the smooth noise it was before. Unfortunately, there are a few variables to as what I think it could be as I've done a few things with it.

Just to explain the story, I had a 120GB HDD in it that stopped working for some reason so I switched back to the original 8GB and it worked fine. During this period, I had just got broadband so I was curious to connect up my XB to XB Live (with the chip off ofcourse). It connected up to XB Live no problem and updated the dash. All was running smooth and no problem at all. Then today, I decided to take out the 8GB and try the 120GB just in the slight chance that it may work again so that I can backup my savegames to my PC and then transfer it later to my 8GB or a new HDD. The 120GB worked and I transferred my savegames.

I tried some games which I put on the HDD and they worked fine too so the HDD seemed ok but I'm pretty sure its on its last legs as I sometimes hear one of the disks shutting down. Anyway, I loaded up MK Deception and I couldn't help notice that in the main menu, some of the music in the background was a little choppy and a little fuzzy and then the same in the MS Dash except just fuzzy sound when switching between menus.

I tried switching the AV cable that I have from a SCART one to the RF Adapter that I have and it still had the same problems. So now, I'm thinking that its the xbox, not a cable problem so would anyone know any suggestions to how this could be fixed? I'm not bothered if its the HDD as I know its not working too well but what I am concerned about is that its something else and not the HDD. Thanks.

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