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Ping Limit Bypass

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Posted 21 July 2010 - 05:41 AM

link to the article - http://www.eecs.umic...s/DATE10RSA.pdf
link to the news - http://www.net-secur...rld.php?id=8969
and the scientists are from the U. Michigan

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Posted 21 July 2010 - 06:12 AM

QUOTE(vitorbiouerj @ Jul 21 2010, 12:29 AM) View Post

1- actuality in theory, itīs possible making a men-in-the-middle attack to bypass this limit, isn't easy, but is one of the ideias
2- people said it's nearly impossible hack a 1024bit encryption in OpenSSL, but in may, an article produce by some MIT students demonstrate this was wrong. They underclock the server, generate a minimum corrupt bits in the private key, and after 100h they hack the key. They also explain this method works in EVERY Public-Private key encryption systems, so isn't impossible either, just very hard to get the m$ private key... I only agree whit you in the question about the front page news...
3- Yes, I know I'm stupid for update my system, just like a thousand others. I'm just trying to get the knowledge to undo this, and maybe work with some friends (that also have update they consoles) to resolve at least this problem... We don't wanna run emulators or others things, just play online without live...
4- In my country, this console is very expensive, in a store they are sale about R$800-900 the old one (arcade), and R$1200-1500 the slim. And the major of population gain something between R$500-2000/month. And a jtag console is sale for the same price of slim version, and they are rare AND I don't find only one with a second NAND for running the freeboot... And the was more difficult find someone capable of jtagging than find a jtag console for sale. And recently I have to bought another console, because my old one fries, and it came from the store with the kernel 8499 and in the internal memory the update for 9199... And talking with the vendors, no one sale the console with the dash 7XXX, or even one console produce before 06/2009

5- Knowing how this work, it's more easy to understanding how/what:
a) an xbox find another in the intranet;
cool.gif the xbox make the connection
c) the connection still alive
d) is the elements contain in the key exchange, and they functions

6- I have a strange sensation of you thing I'm crying like a little children about my non-jatggeble xbox, and how I wanna play online, but I don't. I just trying find help/ideas/information to a least try something, and make some useful for the crescent number of players unable to play at live OR without a jtaggable console AND without the knowledge or the capacity to do something about it...

1. So what's your theory of how an unmodded 360 would be able to communicate with a pc program that can manipulate the 360's ping function (without breaking signatures on the files that would be manipulated on the 360) with no type of modification? If this was ever possible, don't you think someone would have mentioned it by now?
2. Even if someone found a way to get cpu keys from updated systems (which hackers that are involved with the 360 say can't be done), how do you suppose you get around the fact that efuses have been physically destroyed and there is no realistic way of accessing/repairing them?
3. you don't need a jtagged system/ping patch to host a game on xlink.
4. thats unfortunate
5. im not calling you a child or anything, i'm just saying you are waiting on a pipe dream. There's been 1 hack/exploit discovered in all of this time and now all ways to access that exploit have been closed.
6. Many people on many threads post the same "it must be possible" type stuff and it just gets a little old. If the xbox gods find a way to do the type of thing you are asking, they will reveal how to do it.

PS. A word of advise: don't hijack threads asking how to get things to work on your nonjtagged/dev kit 360 when the post is clearly aimed at those with jtagged/dev kit 360s. It's just a waste of thread space.

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Posted 21 July 2010 - 03:28 PM

1- it was comment early in this topic. And google man-in-the-middle attack. And no, the package must bu decrypt, something like that may occurs:

system link 1 ==> package encrypted ==> pc ==> decrypted and removed ping limit ==> re-encryption of package ==> system link 2
.....................<== ....fake package.......<==.....<==......................................................<==.........................................<==

2- I'm not talking about the cpu keys, I'm talking about the m$ assigned key, so, no efuses are involved, that will make any homebrew work on any console (but I not intent to retrieve this, was just an example). But I believe the cpu key is used in the encryption of the package, knowing it will be less difficult to decrypt the package.

3- I'm knowing this, but I need to have a very lower ping to join games hosted by others, and vice-versa (except for those who have jtaggeg consoles)

4- No, itīs very unfortunate.

5- Sorry for my bad interpretation. Yes I knowing this fact, and is because of it that i make question about the how exactly works the system link, and try to find a way to forge the ping in a pc. I don't wanna find one second exploit in the xbox, just make an "exploit" in the weakest part of the system link, the network.

6- I know a lot of people says "it's possible", but a lot of then don't do anything about they questions. I'm not one of then. I'm really wanna do something. That's why I'm keeping make questions about how is made the package used in system link, and it's work on the non-dev/jtag xbox...

7- This topic was release before the patch, to try find a way to bypass the ping limit AND understanding how this patch works, it's a way to find the objective of this topic: bypass the ping limit, with or without jtag consoles. So I don't think it's time and space used for nothing...

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