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Unreal Championship - Possible Mod?

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#1 pspheaven


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Posted 22 December 2009 - 03:24 AM

I've done some mucking around with unreal championship on the xbox and think it may be possible to mod it..

What I've Done:

Edited In-Game Text/map names

What I'm Close To:

Changing Number of Bots In A Single Player Game

What I Hope To:

Make it possible to load ut2k3/4 maps (or similar) into the game to play all
your favorite ut maps on the xbox

What I've Learned:

Made with unreal engine 2
Files Based off of ut (some parts of the game still exitst.. (I suspect that its based off ut2k3/4 as it includes XVehicles.itt, as you know unreal championship does not have vehicles in it.

More on what I've done

I've found that in the XMapList.int you can modify names of maps, number of players, etc..



Sadly it does not appear to make any changes in-game playing either single player or instant action, although it does change the name of the map if I change the longname in the string above.

Same can be done for game types, weapons, and mutators

(imaging loading up ut2k4/3 mutators on here!)

from XWeapons.int


from XMutatorList.int

Mutator=(FriendlyName="Slow Enemy",ClassName=XGame.MutSlowTeam,IconMaterialName=MutatorArt.SlowEnemy,ConfigMenuClassName=,GroupName=,SinglePlayerOnly=1,OnByDefault=0,Description="Reduces the enemy team's movement speed.")
Mutator=(FriendlyName="Competition Mode",ClassName=XGame.MutSpeciesStats,IconMaterialName=MutatorArt.NoSpeciesStatistics,ConfigMenuClassName=,GroupName=,SinglePlayerOnly=0,OnByDefault=1,Description="Disable each race's unique combat statistics and each character's weapon affinities.")
Mutator=(FriendlyName="Vampire",ClassName=XGame.MutVampire,IconMaterialName=MutatorArt.Vampire,ConfigMenuClassName=,GroupName=,SinglePlayerOnly=0,OnByDefault=0,Description="Suck the life from your opponents and add it to your own.")
Mutator=(FriendlyName="Team Regeneration",ClassName=XGame.MutTeamRegen,IconMaterialName=MutatorArt.TeamRegeneration,ConfigMenuClassName=,GroupName=,SinglePlayerOnly=1,OnByDefault=0,Description="All members of your team renegerate health. That's still no excuse to shoot them.")
Mutator=(FriendlyName="Slow Motion Corpses",ClassName=XGame.MutSlomoDeath,IconMaterialName=MutatorArt.SlowMotionCorpse,ConfigMenuClassName=,GroupName=,SinglePlayerOnly=0,OnByDefault=0,Description="Death should not be rushed.")

It's interesting some information is commented out and some seems useless on the xbox...
Ex: Default.ini


Notice RenderDevice=Engine.NullRenderDevice was commented out! I wonder what difference it could make in-game.

Some weapons from XWeaponList.int

Weapon=(FriendlyName="Assault Rifle",WeaponClassName=XWeapons.RocketLauncher,AttachmentMeshName=WeaponStaticMesh.AssaultRiflePickup,AttachmentDrawScale=0.400000,PickupMeshName=WeaponStaticMesh.AssaultRiflePickup)
Weapon=(FriendlyName="Ball Launcher",WeaponClassName=XWeapons.BallLauncher,AttachmentMeshName=WeaponStaticMesh.BallLauncherPickup,AttachmentDrawScale=0.400000,PickupMeshName=)

And thats just the tip of the ice burg.. I think we can really get into this one!

Please if you have any info let me know!

#2 GTTeancum


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Posted 22 January 2010 - 06:27 PM

I think this one is going to come down to being able to edit the UMD files for the game. If we can open/extract/replace/add then we can do some true mods.

#3 GTTeancum


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Posted 22 January 2010 - 08:34 PM

I gotta be blind, because I can't find the edit button even though it's probably right in my face...

Anyways, it *might* be possible to run Unreal Championship from an extracted UMD, similar to how the Rainbow Six games on this forum did it. If so that'll at least give us opportunity to do things like mutators and possibly new player models.

#4 Clockface


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Posted 24 January 2010 - 05:02 PM

I REALLY hope we become able to mod this game, or at the very least it's parameters. I was very disappointed by how few configuration options it had in comparison to the original Unreal Tournament (PC). Please keep on working at it, and let us know your results.

#5 RR99i


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Posted 23 June 2010 - 08:21 AM

I too hope that there maybe a way to mod UC. I remember when I first started playing it, I was hoping for more options with the bots. I never knew they would leave out changing the number of bots. I was thinking because of the limits they were reaching on the Xbox. I know Epic was thinking more for only online play. I remember some friends playing this on Xbox Live nonstop. I just wished, for me, more control over the bots.

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