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Help. Rrod Fixed Now E65 :-(

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#1 freerider


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Posted 29 December 2009 - 01:23 AM

Firstly, I have trawled many threads tryin to solve my problem so I thought 1 of you clever peeps can help.

I have a 360 which red ringed, once the thermal paste and screws were replaced I saw the green lights flashing in a circle biggrin.gif
But my joy was dashed when it said E65 on the screen when the drive was connected back up.

So..... I did some research, found out what that means, and got a few diff progs (mtkflash, dosflash etc) and linked the drive up to the pc, in win7 it was non existent but in dos it seems to be there (put sata in native mode btw), mtk said it was in wrong state (51, needs to be 70), tried turning off and on again and rescanning, nothing.

Then I tried dosflash, after reading the fail message I clicked Y, pressed enter, turn the xbox back on and watched the numbers, started at 0x00 then changed to 0x80 then a split second later straight onto 0x51 (didnt show 0x70 at any point which is what I believe was needed).

It seems that the drive has corrupted some how, it wont eject or anything and the xbox is well out of warranty.

Here are some background stats, its a toshiba/samsung M25 drive, I believe its got some kind of xtreme fw on it, the 360 was working fine, then it red ringed, once the red ring was solved the e65 error showed its ugly head :-(

So if anyone has any ideas please share, all im tryin to do is at least get the drive key so a new dvd drive can be installed cos it appears to be fooked!!!

Thanks in advance

#2 insanity4all


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Posted 29 December 2009 - 02:54 AM

My two cent:

You purchased this console RROD, you were scammed and that drive probably is not the correct one to match the console. You can continue to try to get the key off the drive, but if it's damaged or bricked you probably won't be successful. (You still have the option of paying some with an eprom to get the key out of it.) I believe it can be done to all the drives except the lite-ons. You then could flash the key onto a replacement.

The easiest route to recover your dvd key, would be the jtag hack. IF the console is exploitable. Otherwise you're going to need a eprom or someone with one.

(Ranger72 of this site, offers that service and is trustworthy/quick) I'm sure there are others too, but he's the only one I've given money too.

#3 freerider


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Posted 29 December 2009 - 07:26 PM

Its not mine, its a friends console, he bought it off some guy and it red ringed after 1 week of use, he tried the bolt replacement for x-clamp fix but he put far too much silver paste on so i got it all off and reapplied new paste very thinly, cooked it, and the red ring was solved.

Its as tho the red ring bumped the drive into e65, but thanks for the advice, I shall look into it more.

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