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A Question Of Xbe's And Directories

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Posted 16 January 2010 - 08:59 AM

If I were to try and put an emulator or some kind of homebrew, in the same folder as UnleashX, but was never positive of where UnleashX would be installed on the xbox (because different people might use what I'm doing), is there a way for me to assign the directory that exists inside the UnleashX folder? That may be a bit confusing and wordy, so let me explain by example.

I want a disc with Unleash X on it, that gives access to 5 emulators, and I want those emulators to be stored in the root of UnleashX like so...
Now typically thats the directory I would write on the appropriate menu line. However, say my friend decides he wants to install the disc I made into G:\games\, suddenly that line I just wrote doesn't work so well anymore. Is there anyway I can get it so that the directory I put, starts wherever Unleash X is installed? I tried to only put "\emus\nes\default.xbe" and that didn't work.

To be clear, the emus folder is inside of the root UnleashX folder, but the address for the xbe will change based on where this disc is ripped to.

Also, I understand that typically this isn't the best way to install emulators, but I'm using this method for a reason. They use XBMC, and yes I could just install the emulators and let them launch through XBMC, but I themed UnleashX to be a Mario theme, and then it jumps to all the different mario games. It's an aesthetic thing.

Thanks a lot for the help!

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