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Wierd Ps3 Fan Issue

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Posted 26 February 2010 - 06:11 PM

I've been fixing Xbox 360 consoles for many years with great success. So I thought I would give PS3's a shot. I've got two of them that people brought me to try out my fix on. I did the Youtube Reflow Method with Flux on both of them. After the first attempt, they both booted up and stayed on until I put a game in (after about 15 minutes). So I Reflowed them both again. On one of them, it boots normally for about 10 seconds (green and blue light) and then it crashes back to Red Flashing Light. The second one boots up for about 10 seconds and then the fan kicks on big time and then it crashes back to a Red Flashing Light.

I've tried Reflowing both at 500 F for 4 minutes (both sides) 3 times each. I'm very familiar with Reflowing, and I don't think that that's the cause. The fan suggests to me that there is a heating issue. This is where I need help...

I don't think that I'm installing the Fan correctly. When I try to set it on the board, not all of the pins line up with the holes. I'm not sure why... I think that this is my issue with both consoles. Also, what angle is the heatsink with the hinge supposed to sit (I'm worried that I may have bent the pipes a little when I removed the fan).

Has anyone had any issues with RLOD coming back right away or not lasting? Can anyone give me any insight into what I need to do with these systems to get them to work? I don't think that it's a power supply problem and I tried removing the hard drives. So I'm guessing heat...

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