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Pc Downloaded Dlc, How To Install?

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Posted 22 March 2010 - 01:40 AM

Ok, seriously, I've tried. I've googled like I've never googled before. But still, I have no idea how to get my Xbox360 compatible with PC downloaded DLC.
I don't have access to Live! and I really want some RE5 DLC.
I just had my firmware for my DVD-rom modded (sorry, I don't remember which version, all I know is that my Xbox is old, like 2008 old. Xbox Arcade PAL),
And I have a cable to connect my Xbox HDD to my computer, and a program to explore my HDD. But that's not all, right? I need a modchip or motherboard hack or something? Is there any easy solution to this, like a DVD/USB install? Or do I need to open my Xbox?
Also, am I totally wrong in thinking it's possible to install a homebrew dashboard giving access to full games copied to your HDD? I think I read that somewhere tongue.gif

Basicly, I have a 2008 model Xbox 360 Arcade PAL, just got it modded with the newest firmware for that model. So playing burned DVD+R DL's isn't a problem. The problem is me wanting to play Street Fighter 2 HD Remix and other DLC. Also, the downloading, extracting, whatever and copying prossess isn't a problem, it's the "preparing of the Xbox360" I need help with.

1.) Now I want to make it possible to copy DLC I downloaded through usenet/torrents/zeh internet onto either my Xbox HDD or external HDD. Whatever's easier/possible.
I'm guessing it's possible as I see lots of DLC posted on usenet. I'm also guessing it works somewhat like on the Wii, like, updating your firmware with one that's been slightly modyfied to not recognize false DLC or something? Or is it a completely new dashboard? Or something else?

2.) Can I install another dashboard, like on Xbox1, I had XBMC as my startup dashboard.

3.) And is it possible to make the Xbox copy whole games into it's HDD and boot them without inserting a disc? If so, where can I find more info about it?

4.) What is the best way of approach for me? Are there many prosesses, what are they and which way do they go? From start to end, please smile.gif

5.) I don't want to open the console and start soldering or anything, can it be done with USB/Disc alone? And if I need to open it, how technical would it get, like, I know my way around a computer, hdds and things. But I don't like soldering or cutting wires and other possibly dangerous stuff.

Any answers would be great biggrin.gif
Thanks and regards.
- donkeyhigh

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Posted 22 March 2010 - 01:47 AM

QUOTE(Pjoto @ Mar 21 2010, 08:40 PM) View Post

1.) Now I want to make it possible to copy DLC I downloaded through usenet/torrents/zeh internet onto

How about you not be a pirate and buy your content.

Pirates get no help here.

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