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Splinter Cell / Sid 5.01 (white Screen Linux Problem)

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#1 TrojanHorse204


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Posted 30 March 2010 - 05:49 PM


This was the first time i had attempted a softmod on the xbox 1, i had already had a pre-modded box which i had been using for multiple years for emulation purposes. i was at a friends house and he threw me his old xbox in hopes i could set up emulation for him, i said i might be able too and was quite close to doing so.

The materials i used were as follows:

XBOX (1 Modded and 1 Unmodded)
Mad Katz Memory Card
Offical XBOX controller
Splinter Cell NTSC (Platnium hits)
SID 5.01 save files to exploit Splinter Cell
AID disc (went downhill after using this)

to begin i first put the sid files on my pre-modded xbox, i transferred the files to the madkatz memory card. from there i transferred the files from the mad katz memory card directly to the UNMODDED xbox's hdd using the internal memory browswer on the M$ dashboard. I loaded up splinter cell and used the Linux profile and went to checkpoints.... SID loaded !! i successfully installed evox on the unmodded box. following that i installed from the the most recent aid disc (4.5 final ?) the MS 5960 Dash, as well as EVOx (i thought the version on the aid disc might be newer or come with more skins...), following that installation i was prompted to restart my xbox. After restarting my xbox i was brought back to the M$ dash not the EVOx screen ! (I thought this was likely a bad sign, as my prior restarts were simply bringing me to the evox screen), i then loaded up splinter cell again attempting to get back to the SID exploit (in hopes of reinstalling evox)... but now everytime i attempt to load the linux profile from Splinter Cell i am approached by white screen which just restarts the GAME (not system) to the UBISOFT logo. Once it restarts however the xbox light changes from GREEN to ORANGE. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions how to either A) Get back to the EvoX dash instead of the normal M$ dash cool.gif somehow get back to the SID install screen so i can reinstall EvoX ...C) or any solution that will allow me to throw some emulators on this system

This isnt the end of the world as i didnt assure my friend i would be able to do , but the fact that i came so close and then screwed it up is obviously aggrevating lol ! smile.gif

and yes i was stupid enough not to back up the epprom via FTP once i did gain access to the evoX screen initially sad.gif

Any help would be greatly appreciated ! If i left out any important information please let me know !

Thanks again. (i have searched multiple forums/websites/pdf's looking for a solution to this problem, if i have missed it i do apologize for this un-required post.)

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Posted 30 March 2010 - 07:04 PM

try deleting the SID save then put it back on from the memory card. You also might wanna stop installing the MS dash over top of the hacked dash.

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Posted 30 March 2010 - 10:55 PM

Deleted the SID off the non working box, then reloaded the SID to my memory card VIA the working softmod. loaded the SID files to the non working box memory, and loaded up splinter cell. LINUX ---->CHECKPOINTS

same results... screen went black for a few seconds then booted too the white screen, then restarted the game to the UBISOFT logo. Following this the xbox front light now flashes GREEN/ORANGE/RED

however i did notice...

on the madkatz:
SID5.0 installer - 438 BLOCKS
SID5 Splinter Cell NTSC - 7 BLOCKS

once transferred to the xbox memory
SID5 Splinter Cell NTSC - 8 BLOCKS
SID 5.0 Installer - 439 BLOCKS

each added 1 block to the memory when transfering the xbox memory.

heh and yah i wont be instaling the MS dash over top of the hacked dash ever again (was my own stupidity i know smile.gif )

#4 TrojanHorse204


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Posted 31 March 2010 - 12:07 AM

Problem Solved:

followed the instructions on this site DELETED doing the exact same procedure, opened a different softmod installer, went through it.. now boots up to EvoX smile.gif

will backup epprom and not do anything stupid in the future

thanks for the assitance in the earlier post !

edit krayzie: thanks for linking to my installer but still it isn't allowed to place links to illegal xdk built software.

Edited by krayzie, 01 April 2010 - 07:30 PM.

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