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Ps3 Will Not Eject Disk, Not Typical Eject Question

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#1 biggnick


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Posted 13 May 2010 - 07:45 AM

Hi all.

Have a 40gig PS3 CECHG01 with a dying Blu-Ray laser/diode that I picked up cheap. Verified it was a dying laser, order a quality one and replaced it (100 day warranty too).

Made sure to properly align the top of the drive when I put everything back on. First removed the guide tray, removed the tray motor, raised left (gear) arm to top left, moved right arm to bottom right. Made sure disk flap release arm was down. Replaced all above parts. Replaced top drive cover, making sure the two center-left holes had no white showing and sealed the top on. Made sure magnet was properly placed.

Laser transplant was a huge success! Reads everything no problems...until it's time to eject. When I press eject, or go through the XMB, the drive clicks to eject, the motors spin to push the disk out, but nothing but clicking. Found out the FRONT DRIVE FLAP is NOT being raised by the white arm in the lower right corner of the drive!

Holding in the eject button doesn't help, and the DVD comes out lifting the flap myself ONLY if the silver metal casing ISN'T on. I took everything apart again and tested the right arm that is suppose to lift the flap release. If I move it on my own it comes up no issues (although a little tight feeling). When I have the top cover on, it doesn't raise the flap arm.

Does anyone out there have any advice or has dealt with this? I'd hate to have to leave my PS3 cover off and have a Credit Card around to get disks out. Oh and I tried to remove the front flap to see if I needed it. If a disk is in there it ejects perfectly, but without that plastic flap it won't accept (load) games into the drive.

Thanks! Can get pics if needed.

#2 cossie3k


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Posted 13 May 2010 - 11:27 AM

I had same probelm with mine, took disc in but wouldnt come back out...

Strip the drive so ur left with no metal case on it and the logic board hanging loose and the lid off...

load the disc in and as it goes in put the magnet on the top so it semi locks in place, then push the right drive rail up into place along with the left, disc should start to spin..

now place the lid back on the drive ensuring the plastic guides all slot in... bit fiddley but stick with it!

disc should now eject

took me 2/3 attempts but got there in the end!

also the small wire at front of drive with sensor on... what does it do?? mines is missing and machin is still fine!!

#3 biggnick


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Posted 13 May 2010 - 05:27 PM

NM figured it out. Wishbone metal slide on the bottom was loose, popping it off of the right hand rail when ejecting a disk. Tightened it up, reset the wishbone slide onto the rail, works perfect. Always something small like this lol.

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