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Xbox 360 / Ps3 / Wii Repairs (one Hour Same Day Service)

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Posted 09 July 2010 - 04:01 PM

At ClassicGameJunkie we have been repairing video game consoles since 1999!

ClassicGameJunkie is a retail game store located conveniently in Glenside, PA, just a few short minutes outside of Northeast Philadelphia in the Cheltenham area.

We carry a HUGE range of products, from the original Pong and Atari 2600 consoles to the newest releases for the modern consoles like PS3, XBOX 360 and Nintendo Wii!

~> ONE HOUR REPAIRS ON SITE! <~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Most repairs done by ClassicGameJunkie are completed in the span of less than ONE HOUR! We are able to offer you a ONE HOUR repair service because all of our repairs are done "On-Site" by a certified technition.

You can feel free to wait while your machine is repaired by playing some of the THOUSANDS of new and old school systems and games setup to play in our multiple lounge area's.

Or you can choose to leave your console overnight for an extended test/burn in period, the choice is entirely yours!

Our repair area is also windowed for public viewing, so you can watch your precious system be brought back to life and be ensured that your machine is receiving the care it deserves.

~> CONTACT INFORMATION < ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


111 S. Easton Rd.
Glenside, PA 19038

PHONE: 267-312-3970
EMAIL: intro9@classicgamejunkie.com
FACEBOOK: Classic Game Junkie

~> BUSINESS HOURS < ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Monday - Friday: 10:00AM - 10:00PM
Saturday 11:00AM - 10:00PM
Sunday 11:00AM - 7:00PM

~> WARRANTY INFORMATION < ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

All repairs performed by ClassicGameJunkie come with a DETAILED RECEIPT outlining the work performed and the terms of your warranty clearly defined.

This receipt is a legally binding document and comes signed by the repair technition. This protects your warranty purchase and ensures any claims you may have in the future will be dealt with quickly and painlessly.

~> REFLOW PROCEDURES (For Red and Yellow Lights <~~~~~~~~~

All reflows / reballs are performed using a certified Dark Infrared Reflow Station with temperatures carefully monitored using no less than 2 digital thermocouples at one time.

We do NOT believe in using a hot-air solution like the Aoyue 968 in performing our reflows as our experience has noted that these machines tend to disperse un-even temperatures resulting in failed or partial reflows of the CPU, GPU and RAM area's.

We do NOT use any quick fixes, like towel tricks, penny tricks, hairpins, heat-guns, or any other youtube generated repair methods. These are strictly TEMPORARY and potentially DANGEROUS procedures and should not be used under any circumstances.

ClassicGameJunkie offers repair services on the following problems and many more...


Red Light of Death
3 Red Lights (General Hardware Error)
2 Red Lights (Overheating)
1 Red Light (General Hardware Error)
Scrambled or Distorted Video
No Video
Games Freezing
No Power
Controllers not Syncing with System
E71, E73, E74, E68, E69, Etc
Drive Not Reading Games
Drive Not Ejecting
Open Tray Error
Play DVD Error


Yellow Light of Death
Red Light of Death
Scrambled or Distorted Video
Drive Not Reading Games
Drive ONLY Reading PS1/PS2/DVD's (No Blu-Ray's or Movies)
Drive Not Ejecting Discs
Drive Not Accepting Discs


Drive not reading discs
No Video / No Sound
Controllers not Syncing with console
Drive not ejecting / receiving discs


Cracked or Bleeding LCD Screen
Not Reading UMD's
No Sound
No Power
Full Shell Replacements
Broken Analog Stick
Broken Power or Network Switch

* Nintendo DS/DS Lite/DSi ERRORS *

Broken Touch Screen
Broken LCD (Top or Bottom)
Broken Hinges
No Power
Won't Charge
Broken Power Switch
Broken Audio Toggle
Full Shell Replacements

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Posted 01 July 2012 - 11:58 AM

You are much better off just buying a new system from a reputable dealer.
The short version: once they have your money, you are an adversary. They will not want to hear your voice, see your face, and will do ANYTHING to avoid honoring their warranties. You will not see a smile. You will be treated like a criminal. Francis will hide in the back and you will be forced to deal with his wife and an older man, neither of whom know or care anything about games.
When Francis, the owner/repairman, fixed systems in a shed behind his house, it was a wonderful experience. You showed up for your appointment, he fixed your system while you stood there waiting, you paid 50$; it was simple, elegant, and worth it.

He opened this store a couple years ago and it seems the name of the store kinda says it all - imagine the kind of service you would expect to get from a junkie (think Trainspotting). Now multiply that by 3 junkies (yes, that gives you 3 junkies squared! That's how bad it is.) Wait, imagine 2 of those junkies never made it past 8th grade and speak a guttural form of English.

The first experience I had with the store was when I sent my boss, John, there around Christmas of 2009. He brought in his red-ringed 360 and they told him it would be fixed within a week. After ten days he started calling. He could get no information. The most they would tell him is that it wasn't finished yet. That went on for a month. He went over in person and they told him that they still hadn't fixed it, but it would be done in one more week.

After that week, they told him it just couldn't be fixed.

I felt terrible. I was worried about John's experience, but mine had been so good. So last December, when i needed a new laser, I brought it in to see what happened.

It was TERRIBLE; worse than i could have imagined.

The older fool who accepted my system, did not listen when I told him what was wrong (and when it was 'fixed', the tray open/close button still didn't work - a very obvious problem.)

They told me it would be done in less than a week. I started calling and texting after ten days or so and kept getting the message that I was wasting their time. They acted like they had no idea what I was talking about, left me on hold for extended periods...

I kind of gave up after a while and played ps3.

After about 10 weeks, Francis' wife called me and angrily asked me why I hadn't picked up my 360, especially after she left that message 8 weeks ago. She REALLY wanted to argue about whether she called or not. But I have an iphone, and with it, records of ALL of my calls and voicemails, and no one from that number ever called and left a message.

I went and picked it up. The older guy was there again.

A few months later i started having the same problem again. Then I got a red ring of death. There was a SIX month warranty so I called and Francis said 'Sure we can fix it!' and to bring it right in!

And here we go again.

He said it would take ONE DAY to fix. And a week went by. And another. I called after about 3 and his wife leaves me on hold for a while then tells me 'Oh. It couldn't be fixed.' I told her I was still within my warranty time and she had the greatest line ever:

'The warranty is only good if we can fix it.'

Two of my friends were there with me and I had her on speakerphone. We all looked at each other and started laughing. I then explained the concept of a warranty to her. She didn't want to hear it and tried to get rid of me. I asked to speak to Francis and while getting him 'accidentally' hung up on me.
Eventually, i got them to give me 60$ credit toward a used system, which would usually be 100$.

When I brought that system home, I found that the usb ports were a mess. It looked as though someone took a hammer and chisel to them. I called immediately. Francis picked up, apologized, and told me to bring it back and we'd get it right this time.

I did. but didn't bring my receipt. The wife and the older guy both acted as if they had never seen me before. When I suggested they flip back to yesterday's sales in their handwritten sales book they said something more inane than insane like 'We don't do that.'

I had to call the store from INSIDE THE STORE to get Francis to pick up. He tried to get out of replacing the system telling me they need the receipt. I said that I wasn't even sure I got one.

This guy went so far as to look at the surveillance video NOT TO SHOW that I was there but to show that they HAD given me a receipt.

After arguing for an hour, I got a working system. I left a game disc in the one I returned, though. I called and Francis assured me he would send it. That was over 2 months ago.

It's the little things, small courtesies that can really make a difference. They can overcome some major deficits. Most importantly, their absence can erase anything good.

Classic Game Junkie? Doesn't provide the big stuff, fails miserably with the little stuff.

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