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Error -1073741772: Share Not Available

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Posted 17 September 2010 - 04:34 PM

Yeah, yeah, many topics about this...I've read them all (I think) and I couldn't come up with an answer for my particular situation.

First, let me give you the "before" scenario...

My home network consisted of a "media server" (old P4 with 1TB of space to hold my video files), and three Xboxes (among other things). All the Xboxes have the same build of XBMC. All three of my Xboxes are (were) connected to my network via homeplug adapters.

Everything was working great, with one exception. The Xbox in the master bedroom wouldn't stream video too well. There was quite a bit of stuttering, and sometimes outright crashing of video files. The other two Xboxes were working great. So, after further research I found that the Homeplug adapter in the master bedroom just wasn't getting good bandwidth for video streaming. Anyone who has used homeplug adapters knows it's a crap shoot, you win some you lose some. After trying a different adapter in the master bedroom with identical results, I decided that this was a loser and I needed to make a change.

I had an old MN-740 adapter in the garage. After a lot of googling and two days worth of trial and error, I finally managed to get it upgraded to the D-link firmware 1.02. I made all the correct settings for my wireless adapter. While the MN-740 was plugged into my laptop, I tested to make sure I could both get out to the internet, and that I could see the media server shares. These tests were successful.

So, I move my MN-740 to the master bedroom. I plug the Xbox into it and boot it up. It can't see the sources anymore, and when I attempt to add a source and browse to an SMB share, I get the error that's the title of this thread. It can access the weather just fine, and the YouTube plugin works better than it ever has. So, I know this xbox is getting out, it's just not seeing the network for some reason I can't figure out. I've been googling, but can't find an answer.

Let me share my analysis, please tell me either where I went wrong or what I've missed...

-I'm very hesitant to blame my media server and the share settings, as it can be successfully seen by the other two xboxes

-I'm very hesitant to blame the XBMC build, as the same build is installed on the other two xboxes and working great

-I'm sort of hesitant to blame the master bedroom xbox, as it could see the shares before I unplugged it from the homeplug adapter and plugged it into the MN-740.

-I'm kind of hesitant to blame the MN-740, as I could browse the media server when I had my laptop plugged in to it. Also, as I said, the master bedroom xbox can get out to the internet via the MN-740. I can ping the xbox, but not the MN-740 that it's plugged in to. I'm not sure I understand that one.

OK, so that's my situation. Thanks for reading all of that if you've made it this far. I'd appreciate any perspective or ideas you can offer. Thanks in advance.

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Posted 18 September 2010 - 02:01 AM

Can't think of a cause off the top of my head, but try manually creating a network source within XBMC that directly points to just the server's IP address.

It sounds kinda like a firewall issue, but I would expect that to effect all machines within the subnet...

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Posted 19 September 2010 - 12:04 AM

OK, I blame the MN-740, even though I wasted two of my evenings doing everything rights to get that flashed to the D-Link 1.02 firmware.

Here's what I did...sometimes I forget this, but time is also money. Considering that, I wasted well over $100 getting that MN-740 to do what I wanted. Well, last night, I took it in my back yard, took a rock, and smashed it to pieces. I did that partly because I was angry, but mostly so I can let it go and not be tempted to futility try to get it working.

I went to Office Depot, and I purchased a d-link xtreme duo wireless N bridge/access point. I configured that for my network, which didn't take too much. Then I plugged in my xbox and fired it up. Everything worked exactly as it should have, without one single modification to any setting in XBMC. (irrelevant side note, I also plugged my TiVo Premiere box into this, as well. That works great, too).

Anyway, I have achieved my goal of being able to watch stutter-free TV shows and music. I watched three episodes of a show last night and didn't experience one incident of stutter or slowdown. What a wonderful experience.

So, what we've discovered here is that, even flashed with the d-link firmware, there is some sort of incompatibility between the MN-740 and XBMC. When you consider time, the MN-740 is a horrible investment.

I hope this helps someone.

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