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Asking For Advice For General Game Mods On Jtag

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Posted 18 September 2010 - 09:11 PM

Hoping this is the right place to post this question... I am preparing to get a JTAG 360 and want to know what I'm in for. I don't see a whole lot of discussion on the topic, regarding game software mods, though I know they are possible - such as making custom Guitar Hero song charts or modifying, then re-injecting textures or models for custom characters for fighting games or FPS's. I've had a lot of fun and experience doing this sort of thing for PC games but it seems on 360, it is much more complicated.

What I'd like to know is more about the process and what kinds of tools are needed to do this.

1) Is it possible to directly hex edit a game image that is transferred to a HDD via Freestyle? Or does the game need to be extracted, modified after it is taken apart, then have to be re-compressed somehow?

2) Will a game that has been hex edited or have its assets modified run easily on a JTAG 360, or does some other process need to be performed to make a modified game playable? I know the JTAG is supposed to be able to run unsigned code, but its unclear to me if the games themselves need to have other checks bypassed, etc.

3) What setup of firmwares and hardware would be recommended to do these mods. For instance would a USB external harddrive be best? Or would it still be possible to use a regular 360 HDD for custom games? Is there a firmware or app I need resident on either the 360 or the HDD to make things work?

4) What programs are recommended for projects like this? Hex editors, unpackers/repackers, other tools that might be useful.

5) Is it possible to modify DLC content files to modify a game (changing assets)? Does the JTAG automatically get around any digital signatures or does more need to be done?

6) Are there any good resources as to the research and development of game asset modding for the 360?

Thank you!

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