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Ps3 No Power; Blu Ray Drive Not Getting Any Juice?

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#1 Osbor


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Posted 25 October 2010 - 07:03 PM

got the ps3 no power issue (flip the switch in the back to on, but the power control board gives no standby light and the touch buttons do not work)

a standard technique to use in this situation is to put a disc in the drive, which force boots the system since it's powered by the psu separately from the mobo

except that didn't work for me on this system

it doesn't even try to bite the disc

1) replaced the PSU with a known working one and tried again, no effect
2) replaced the blu-ray drive with a known working one, again, no effect
3) replaced the power control board, no effect

very curious, especially considering that the blu-ray drive originally in the system displays the same problem in every other system, but when you place a working drive in that original system, it shows the same symptoms as well.

any ideas?

#2 Osbor


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Posted 26 October 2010 - 10:37 AM

wait, i think i found the issue

i tore it down to the mobo, and found one entire corner of it discolored white and green with residue on it (consistent with copper oxidation), the tray had some on it too. looked almost like battery acid.

the copper trim around the edge of the board is discolored black in that area, is this causing a lack of ground on the board, and thus a kind of short, preventing the system from distributing power?

should i grind off the damaged layer of copper with my trusty ultra-fine sandpaper?

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