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Freeboot 12611 And Various Error

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Posted 14 November 2010 - 10:52 AM

Ok, let see if someone can help me. Problem: the new freeboot dosen't work on my 360 (pal jasper pro 16M). Considering some facts:

1. i don't have the original nand image, so i have used the freeboot 0.32 image that i have flashed some time ago

2. I can't use a real flash dump because flash360 (or any other method of dumping) could not read some sectors and the generated dump made ibuild raise an exception

3. From a real dump i can extract SMC, KV and other files to generete the freeboot throught a manual method, but the result is the same of using the old freeboot image in one of the automated method (jtagtool,easy freeboot and the new freeboot tool box).

4. The generated nand after flashed make my 360 to show the E79 error

5. If i generate the freeboot image using the option "donor files" of easy freeboot the 360 start with fans speed at max and it give the E79 error (but different from the E79 of the point 4: that E79 appear some seconds after the presentation of the new dash starts, this appear after some seconds of black screen)

Any ideas other than "your 360 is possessed from a legion of bastards devils"?
In my opinion it is a bug of the new freeboot.

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Posted 14 November 2010 - 04:31 PM

ok, here an hint. After some research seem that all the xbox jasper 16MB CB 6723, southbridge v2.3 have problems with the new freeboot. So it's a bug, waiting for a fix.

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