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Manual Xbox Live Updating? (question About A Game)

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Posted 09 December 2010 - 08:39 AM

Alright, first off I most say I don't mod, I have no knowledge of modding, but I want to learn. Second I have to appologize if this is in the wrong place. I am new.

Anyways, I have an idea but I have no idea if it will even work. I recently downloaded a offline patched version of Phantasy star online (the ISO version) and burned it on to a DVD. Now because xbox live killed the game and you can no longer play it on there, this was the only way I could still play PSO. So here is where the problem comes in, because the hacked PSO over rides xbox live, it skips out on the first update that fixes a lot of the games bugs, such as: Magic male characters crash the game once you click on them, the cave boss crashes, and so on.

My idea was this: If I downloaded the computer version of PSO, got the updates and transfered them over to the xbox, could I update the game without rewriting the entire DVD? I don't want to have to burn a new DVD because that means the one I have would be a waste. So the second part to my question is that if this is possiable to transfer the computer version's files over, where do I put them on my xbox?
Seeng how the origanal PSO was on a DVD as well, did the game create some type of folder for updates to go in, and where is this located?
( I know that the PSO: Blue burst PC files do work on the xbox version of the game because a guy on another forum said he tested it. I just have no idea on how to do this my self)

So my plan is to try to update the game, just like if I was playing it on xbox. DVD has the game, and xbox hard drive has the updates.

Thanks in advance.

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