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Start To Finish Tutorial For Jtag Users (updated)

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Posted 29 December 2010 - 06:27 AM

**I posted this on another site, but the tutorial I have here is outdated.

Ordinarily I don't use autobuilders, but to make things simpler for newer users, I'm advising you to do so.

Tools Needed:
1. Bestpig Toolbox 26 (google it)
2. auto xbins 2008 (google it)
3. Dashlaunch 2.07 files (you will acquire them from xbins)
4. 360 FLash Dump Tool 0.97 (google it)
5. Orignal Nand Dump
6. CPU Key

*To make this process quicker, create a folder and place bestpig, your nand dump, a text file with your cpu key for easy access,
auto xbins, 360 flash dump tool in said folder

Step 1. - Acquiring Tools from Xbins/creating image

1. Once you have downloaded auto xbins, run it and go to the xbox 360, development, system apps,
dashlaunch folder. Once there, download dashlaunch 2.07 and extract the files (you only need the files located in the "files" folder of dashlaunch)
to the folder you created before in order to make the process quicker.

2. Now run bestpig, enter your cpu key, check off dump directory, updflash.bin, creating a custom freeboot, click generate freeboot.
3. Select your nand dump, confirm motherboard, wait for a temporary folder with the freeboot files to pop up (PAUSE HERE, DO NOT CONTINUE).

4. Now copy the appropriate dashlaunch patch (for your motherboard ie patches_xenon.bin for a xenon etc) from the folder you created and paste it in the bin folder of that temporary folder that popped up.

5. Next, copy launch.xex and ihelper.xex from the folder you created and paste them in the data folder of the temporary folder that popped up.

6. After you have copied the previously mentioned files to there appropriate places, you can now click ok in bestpig to finish creating your image.

* Step 7 is optional but i advise that you do it

7. Now start 360 flash dump tool, go to file and select your newly created image, go to tools --> edit config, then edit config again. Change
the cpu and gpu fans to manual and then set both to 100%. Hit save and then it will ask you to save your image, make sure it's named updflash.bin.
Once you save this new image you can delete the other updflash.bin that you created with bestpig.

Step 2. - Flash Image

1. Place updflash.bin on a usb stick, boot your 360 to xellous, updflash.bin will flash and then you will be on the freeboot kinect dash. You will need the official, microsoft update to get your avatars back.

*read the dashlaunch readme to learn out to configure your launch.ini. At the very least, I would advise having the default line set to freestyle dash, and make sure to have the ping patch activated. This is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL. Here's my launch.ini file for example:

BUT_A = Hdd:\Freestyle\FreestyleDash.xex
BUT_X = Hdd:\APPS\XeXMenu_v1.1-XEX\default.xex
BUT_B = Usb:\Games\Halo 3\RTELauncher.xex
BUT_Y = Usb:\Games\Halo Reach\LaunchRTE.xex
Start = Hdd:\APPS\xelllaunch\default.xex
Default = Hdd:\APPS\FSD2 Alpha\default.xex

pingpatch = true
contpatch = true

Step 3. Setting Up XLink and Your System Link Setup
People use different setups but I'm only going to explain connecting to XLink through a laptop with a wireless internet connection. If you can't figure out how to port forward for your setup go to XLink's website www.teamxlink.co.uk.

1. Download/install XLink, create a tag etc.
2. Open the XLink Kai Configuration, switch option to UI, enter in your username/password, hit save and exit.
3. Make sure you have disabled xbox live using the family access settings on your 360
4. On your 360 go to network settings, switch the ip settings to manual, give it an ip, set the subnet mask to, and the default gateway to your router's ip address
5. On your laptop give the Ethernet port of that your 360 is using an ip address (different ip then the one you used in system settings of your 360), subnet mask and set the default gateway and dns to the ip of your router.
6. Open an internet page and type the ip address of your router. Find the settings for port forwarding and forward port 30000 to your laptop's ip address not the 360's address (this only applies using the setup I'm describing).

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