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Unlicensed Content Patch Via Xexmenu (or Similar)

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Posted 05 January 2011 - 11:22 PM

Right, until now I've been able to find all the info I need through Google, but seen as how I almost always find the answers on this forum I've signed up with a couple I couldn't find help with...

I don't understand computers. I had someone jtag my console for me, and was so proud of myself when I loaded xexmenu off an iso image I'd burned to disc (so this should give you an idea of my abilities!)

I was even prouder when I managed to install nxegod using a USB stick

My question is about the Unlicensed Content Patch (for playing DLC) - can I get this onto the jtag's HDD without having to resort to plugging it into my PC and most likely changing something I shouldn't ?

...and if so, could someone do me a really basic guide ?

On a sub-note; is it safe to plug my HDD from the jtag into my retail console and connect to Live to re-download really big DLC files ? either before/after/or with this patch removed and re-applied later
(I'm currently using a 250MB memory unit to transfer content.... some of which seems to work without the above patch)

Didn't know about the risks of using your Live profile on the jtag, so I'll delete the profile on my mem. unit and recover it off Live - thanks

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Posted 10 January 2011 - 07:30 AM

First off don't ever hook your jtag up online unless you want your KV.bin flagged and banned. When I want to put DLC on my jtag I go and get Yari Swap once you load the DLC in Yari you just hit the big red button at the top left of the screen. That should take care of all the licenses. Then I move the DLC folder onto a thumb drive or external usb (Then plug that into the xbox). Once that is done you can go to xex menu and transfer it onto the third partition on your xbox hdd under the 0000000000000000 folder (usually where DLC goes). You just hit right bumber then x once in xexmenu to select the usb drive. Once you take the licenes's off and transfer it to the xbox hdd it should show up. You might need the Title updates as well. You can get those HERE. Once you get the appropriate Title Update you just do the same except you don't need to run them through Yari Swap and you put them in the Cache folder. Unless it's blackops then it goes in the 0000000000000000 folder

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