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Xbox Live Problem

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Posted 13 January 2011 - 10:20 AM

Hello everyone, pardon me if this is asked before i just can't seem to find the exact answer for it.

So 2 days ago I tried to play AC:Brotherhood (btw I have xbox arcade flashed) It popped up an update warning i refused at first but then i decieded to update it(thinking in the worst case i could get it re-flashed) the game didn't work, the boredom and thought of already done something wrong led me to connect to xbox live which i've never done before. I got online and played a number of games. All worked perfect, no dcs no nothing. I turned it off after 2 hours or so, went to sleep and the other day it just didn't connect anymore.

at first I thought I was banned but there are no warnings, absolutely no sign of me being banned I have encountered people with smilar problems on the internet but found only brief explanations about solving the issue, some said getting a "static ip" for xbox which i cannnot understand since i played just fine a day ago with all settings on Auto.

The error I get is the "not enough MTU" error. I have of course checked my modem's menu, tried it on both 1500 and auto, no good. In forums people say that MTU error comes up whenever xbox fails to detect the actual problem. I btw am connecting xbox to internet with an ethernet cable, directly through a dsl modem. internet seems all fine.

If i have to give more details about the problem:

Error status report says:

W: 0000 - 000B
X: 0000 - F001
Y: 0000 - 0000
Z: 0000- 0000
ID: 0003 - 0001

I have the newest dasboard (called kinect one I guess?) 2.0.12611.0

Sorry to bother and thanks in advance. Please let me know if additional data is needed.

PS. Don't if this will help but I'm from Turkey but on the xbox settings region is set to UK, by default and i have not changed it.

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