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Ps3 Bd Loader

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Posted 17 January 2011 - 08:37 PM

I've been having an issue getting the blu ray drive on my used PS3 to load discs correctly. It appears to be a stock 40GB older model. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I inherited the PS3 because it had a YLOD. I went through the trouble of taking the whole thing apart, using a heat gun to re-flow the solder, and put everything back together. It boots up wonderfully, but then the blu ray drive wouldn't take discs. sad.gif

I took apart the BD and tried to look at the components based on the research I've done (various forums and junker15's wonderful YouTube videos). The only problem is, I appear to have an older, or newer version of the BD than most people. My drive does not have the grey arms on the front of the loader tray. My drive has a tab to remove the loader tray rather than a screw. And finally my drive doesn't have the same mechanism up front to prevent multiple discs from being inserted. Mine has a little white peg on an arm that goes up and down through a hole to block discs.

So now essentially each time I take the drive apart and put it back together, I get a different result. Initially I improved it from not accepting discs at all to pulling the disc in but it wouldn't line up properly and get stuck. At ONE TIME I actually got the disc to pull in and spin up correctly, but then the aforementioned white peg up front got stuck and blocked the disc from ejecting. Currently, my most typical symptom is that the disc pulls in and ejects correctly but the spool and laser do not raise, and thus the disc does not spin up.

I've seen many tutorials and videos about how to align the drive arms to fix this. However, the newer/older drives do not seem to follow the same rules as mine. I've tried jiggling the black side arms on the drive to make sure the arms are connected together properly. However, on my drive pulling the left arm down (after disengaging the drive motor) moves the right arm and raises the laser, however jiggling the right arm does nothing to the left arm. After pulling the parts out, it appears as though they aren't supposed to operate how I'm seeing in the videos. Also, pulling the left arm down seems more difficult than it should be, even with the motor disengaged. Is there some grease or something I could use to make this slide easier?

To add to everything else, I've found a 1cm x 1cm black piece of plastic that appeared to have dropped out of the drive. I'm assuming this broke off of the drive somewhere, but I have no idea how to find out where. Since this was a "free" PS3 for me, it doesn't really make sense to spend $90 on a new drive. Does anyone have any advice? Are there tutorials or videos specific to the version of the BD I have?


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