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Homebrew On Non-jtag 360

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#1 f0xrolder


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Posted 28 January 2011 - 02:21 PM

Im sure most of you are aware that team failoverflow and Geohot have unlocked the ps3 to run any package they virtually want to install on the ps3 as they have worked out how to obtain the neccessary keys and created the homebrew tools to do so. Quite impressive if you ask me, Tho i wonder if they actually have the neccessary skills to do so with the xbox 360 without the need to solder like the jtag hack and make it universal (a 360 cfw) so homebrew can be unlocked on all systems?

Sure would make things interesting if some hacker out there managed to come up with a custom firmware for the 360 as the homebrew scene would rocket if it were made possible and as we are all aware jtagable console are few and far between. I for one would love to see the 360 homebrew scene get a revival and im sure team twizzers/failoverflow waninkoko hermes all excellent wii/ps3 hackers could do it if they put there mind to it.

Would be the best thing sinced sliced bread as the old saying goes, no more flashing dvd drives patching nand images etc... and open up the 360 for great apps like were created on the wii such as media player ce, WiiMC. Sure someone has come up with an exploit but hasn't released it as yet.

And i'd just out of curiosity like to see if any of these teams or individuals could actually succeed and show the dirty corporate wannabe overlords that if we buy hardware that you developed, we are as the ownee allowed to do whatever we like to such hardware, and there is nothing you can do to stop us.
If I decided to take a hammer to it, light it on fire and then pee on it there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. So if we install open sourced software created by the community we as the owners of this hardware can do with it as we wish exactly like a personel computer.

So basically how possible or realistic do you all think this is?

(edit) always had great admiration for the wii devs and there efforts team twizzers for enabling homerew and hermes and waninkoko for all there hard work with cios/ firmware updaters etc.. and some of the nice tools Thanks for making the wii so enjoyable and great work (geohot) in showing sony there not as invulnerable as they think they are. I'd like to see a "Microsoft IPB Image and then then" sometime in the near future fully unlock the 360 laugh.gif

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Posted 28 January 2011 - 05:24 PM

This horse has been beaten dead, then trodden into a pulp, then lit of fire, and finally hung like a piņata to repeat the process.
Microsoft's hold on their consoles is impressive. Not only do they keep updating their manufactured consoles to patch any vulnerabilities, they have probably the largest base of consoles online which they can monitor in real-time.

The Wii's security is child's play. Comparing it to the PS3 or 360 is just mockery of the development team of either console.

Lastly, most homebrew applications are not open source for the 360. Most are built off of the XDK.

#3 jordanpower6


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Posted 28 January 2011 - 06:09 PM

To get homebrew for the xbox 360 (retail) you would need to sign it with the RSA key so its not possible yet.

#4 f0xrolder


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Posted 29 January 2011 - 06:13 AM

IPB Image
Im hopeful that it can be done, from what i can see and understand theres not a hell of alot of difference between the 360 and ps3, except the efuses, memory encryption/flashing and on die key storage. I'd like to see if the hackers can actually defeat the almighty M$ and render the efuses and the rest useless.

so we have 1 its not possible and 1 not yet anyway. Can a Mod make a poll in this topic for me? Question: Do you think its possible for elite hackers like team failoverflow, geohot, Hermes and waninkoko etc. to fully unlock the xbox 360?


Yes, It will happen sometime in the near future

No, it's impossible and will never be done

Who gives a shit i like being told what i can and cant run on my personel computer gameing system

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