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I Want To Learn How To Repair 360's

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#1 xMOODYx


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Posted 22 February 2011 - 07:06 PM

hi guys im new to the scene. im not interested in modding or playing backups. i just want to learn to fix stuff and figured the xbox 360 was a good place to start. as it is of interest to me. so to craigslist i went first one i bought was e74 and when i ran the serial #was covered in warranty even though mfd 9\2007 i sent it in(win) cool.gif . not bad for 30$. so i purchased another (open tray error) for 40$ with two working controllers and all cords (no hard drive). mfd 10-15-08.
O.K. this one (based on what ive read around here has prob had the dvd replaced improperly because i can tell the case has been opened it plays dvd's and cd's fine but says open tray with games. it has the latest dash update and according to other posts i did a network connection test and it doesnt appear to be banned from live.
So my n00b questions are.
1. Can this be fixed to play games (not super important i have two working 360's)
2. Can i just use it for a streaming box,a dvd player,and for arcade games. (without getting banned)
3. Best resources for learning repair. ive read to start with RRoD and Drive errors?
4. Basic tools to Start with (Access Pro Tool Kit V3)worth it? Software i should get etc.
5. What should i be paying for broken console and approximate values when there fixed or not. i dont want to get rich i just want to tinker and have it fund itself. i dont mind making a few bucks to pay for my gaming habit
5.5 What questions to ask sellers?
6. What 360 parts are swappable to be used on other machines for repair.
7. anything else you think i should know.
thanks in advance as i learn i will also help others here please dont tell me to go f myself i've search for hours and found very specific answers to specific problems but nothing as a general starting point for what im looking to do

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Posted 22 February 2011 - 08:13 PM

1. yes, most likely needs a new laser
2. absolutely
3. forums, google, xbox-scene,xbox-hacker
4. Torx bits (8 & 10) some philips/flathead, 99cent opening tool from ebay, jungleflasher
5. really depends on the consoles condition and whats included (for both) just search arround for similar listings to see prices
5.5 general console history, has it rrod? is it flashed? buy it new or used?
6. everything OTHER than motherboard/DVD drive. long explanation, there is a key stored on the DVD drive that is tied to the key in the CPU, so that key must be the same on both dvd drive and mobo in order for the console to read games (DVD's/CD's will work regardless)
7. don't buy broken consoles on ebay. period. (they are almost always crap)

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Posted 22 February 2011 - 08:57 PM

If the console has been opened and it will only play DVDs and Cds then it probably has the wrong DVD drive in there. I have had two of those happen to me before. They swore it was the original drive inside, but nothing can fix it. You can use it as a DVD player and stream Netflix or movies from your LAN as long as you are connected to LIVE. It won't get banned. I used mine for that until I got a blue ray player that will stream Netflix.

The Team-Xecuter two piece console opening kit is well worth the money. I can open consoles in a flash. I bought what looks like a dental pick to remove the end pieces. You can use a small ice pick. I also use it to lift the front tabs.

Do a lot of reading and watch videos on YouTube. That is how I learned everything I know. Everything you want to know is in these forums, on YouTube, or Google it.

There are many people here that are more than willing to help you, but help yourself first. If you get stuck, by all means, ask a question. But, read through the forums first. You can always learn from others problems and mistakes.

Welcome to the Scene.

#4 xMOODYx


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Posted 24 February 2011 - 01:22 AM

Any you tube authors that are that are your favorites. or are particularly better than others?

#5 insanity4all


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Posted 24 February 2011 - 11:23 AM

3. REAL SCHOOL, college, Electrical Engineering. All you-tube and the forums are going to teach you is how to befooled by the scam artists, and become one yourself someday.

#6 xMOODYx


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Posted 24 February 2011 - 12:34 PM

Yes i understand your point. i already did real school i just never went into that field (cop). so i drive truck for a living it a great job i enjoy it. so no regrets. i just dont have the time at this point in my life (almost 40) as i have a different schedule every week( i cover Vacations) and have a 17mo old to take care of. i have considered asking some local electronics repair shops if i could volunteer or help out a couple of hours a week. i think learning to fix/calibrate tv's would be interesting as well. but also to learn techniques thought process etc. although i am better at correctly following directions than @ diagnosis. me scam... its against my character thats what im trying to avoid and ill just go back to consuming games as my hobby first.

#7 lordvader129


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Posted 24 February 2011 - 01:36 PM

QUOTE(insanity4all @ Feb 24 2011, 04:23 AM) View Post

3. REAL SCHOOL, college, Electrical Engineering. All you-tube and the forums are going to teach you is how to befooled by the scam artists, and become one yourself someday.

i disagree, there are a great number of resources on the internet to allow someone to learn if they apply themselves, but not everyone can be self-taught, some need the structure of a real school

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