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Inconsistent Results When Extracting Files From Nand

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#1 jonasabc


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Posted 09 April 2011 - 06:17 PM

Currently I have a jtag with dashboard 12611 and I am looking how to update it (i know 12625 does not bring anything new, but new dash is comming and I could make use of what i learn in the future).

AFAIK, i need those things unique to my xbox when building new image:
1. CPU key (and 1BL key which is not unique?)
2. Decrypted SMC file
3. Decrypted KV file
4. SMC config file

So I have made a few nand dumps using Flash360 and NAND Flasher v1.2.0.

360 Flash Dump Tool seems to extract 16KB KV_dec.bin and 12KB SMC_dec.bin and 512KB config.bin.
  • KV_dec.bin is the same in all backups.
  • SMC_dec.bin is different in dump which was done before jtaging console. I assume this is to be expected?
  • config.bin differs even before and after dashlaunch update. Should this worry me? And should I uninstall dashlaunch before upgrading dashboard?
Then I tried latest Jtag Tool and compared its results with 360 Flash Dump Tool when using my latest dump.

Jtag Tool 2.87 seems to extract 16KB kv.bin and 12KB smc.bin and 128KB smc_config.bin.
  • kv.bin does not match KV_dec.bin. kv.bin does have 16 extra bytes in the beginning of the file.
  • smc.bin does not match SMC_dec.bin. smc.bin has its first 4 bytes zeroed.
  • smc_config.bin does not match config.bin. smc_config.bin has its first 393216 bytes deleted.
So, who is right? 360 Flash Dump Tool or Jtag Tool?


EDIT: Somebody answered that I should trust 360 Flash Dump Tool.

So I have made a fbbuild 0.2 (12625) image and then extracted KV_dec.bin, SMC_dec.bin, and config.bin to compare.
They are different!
KV_dec.bin has 24 first bytes different from the previous one.
SMC_dec.bin has 4 first bytes different from the previous one.
config.bin has 1536 bytes changed in the middle of the file.

I this a normal thing?

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#2 tk_saturn


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Posted 09 April 2011 - 06:23 PM

If you use Flash Dump Tool, put a tick in the box to generate iBuild compatible files. KV.bin won't match KV_dec, as KV.bin is encrypted.

Personally I just use iBuild to extract them and then use fbBuild (with the -v verbose option) to build the images. If there's an issue, you'll see it with the verbose option.

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#3 jonasabc


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Posted 09 April 2011 - 07:21 PM

Ok, I have used iBuild 0.05 to extract those files. Then i have built fb 0.2 12625 and used iBuild to extract it.
So I have compared my 12611 dump with 12625 build and found that smc.bin and smc_config.bin files are the same (smile.gif), but kv.bin is different (sad.gif first 8 bytes are different). Shouldn't those be the same?

Verbose build info here: http://pastebin.com/ZZBAQhnJ

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