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Codec Libraries, Video Player for Homebrew 360s WIP Update

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Posted 10 April 2011 - 11:15 PM

Codec Libraries, Video Player for Homebrew 360s WIP Update
Posted by XanTium | April 10 18:15 EST | News Category: Xbox360
The team working on porting codec libraries to homebrew Xbox360s (JTAG and DevKit) have posted an update about their progress on logic-sunrise:

The project to port extra codecs has made a lot of progress. We now have h264, flv, bluray avi, xvid, mp4, wmv, and many other formats all playing perfectly, mkv and other external libraries are being added now. As this project uses open source libraries and code expect a full source soon. The current player uses the ffmpeg standard SDL (ported to the xbox 360 by lantus). There are plans to integrate video playback within our favorite dashboard :)

A few questions we've seen from people are
Q Will there be streaming capabilities?
A we hope in time that our player, and whoever decides to take on homebrew video, will support networking capability.
Q What's the point, won't this crash my jtag?
A Sadly, some people are too scared to try homebrew because they think their jtag will die. Media playback will not stress the system to the point of rrod. This can be proved by showing system temps during playback. Gaming requires way more power.
Q Why are the french doing so much for homebrew?
A Razkar is our friend, and there are also some talented french coders.
Q Duh?
A Winning

As we believe that homebrew should be non profit and solely for the purpose of open usage of this amazing system microsoft has given us that we love, we do not take donations, but if you are interested in our project please consider a donation to help our friends in Japan. http://www.redcross.org/

News-Source: logic-sunrise.com

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Posted 11 April 2011 - 12:32 AM

bdaybiggrin.gif gift.gif love.gif bdaybiggrin.gif gift.gif love.gif pop.gif

#3 burnshroom


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Posted 11 April 2011 - 01:06 AM

QUOTE(Haygar @ Apr 10 2011, 06:32 PM) View Post

bdaybiggrin.gif gift.gif love.gif bdaybiggrin.gif gift.gif love.gif pop.gif


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Posted 11 April 2011 - 01:08 AM

lurk.gif YES THEY CAN lurk.gif

#5 MODern Chris

MODern Chris

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Posted 11 April 2011 - 03:44 AM

Of course my JTAG Falcon decides to red ring when we are so close to the one thing I've been waiting for. sad.gif Now I have to find someone to fix the damn thing. Amazing work though. Can't wait for .mkv playback so I don't have to hook up my laptop to the tv anymore to watch stuff.

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Posted 11 April 2011 - 04:13 AM

Pretty awesome to see. 1080p MKV playback was just added to the Showtime Player for PS3 as well (and the much needed NTFS support), nice to see some true HTPC quality stuff is on it's way. Only thing missing will be Blu Ray playback, but there's always Linux, I suppose.

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Posted 11 April 2011 - 05:29 AM

Thanks! this is awesome!

#8 tomgreen99200


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Posted 11 April 2011 - 06:18 AM

Amazing work, I would love to have .mkv playback on my 360. I also like how they mention that they dont accept donations but helping out Japan via the Red Cross is ok. You guys kick ass! love.gif

#9 juggahax0r


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Posted 11 April 2011 - 08:35 AM

I saw a lot of bashing in the other thread on this topic so i am going to put my 2 cents in on this:

A media player is not going to tax the system more than a video game does , the GPU goes through a lot more processing and displaying textures etc than it does re-playing a video. Common sense will tell you that , certain games are known for being even worse than others. Consider that it is taking raw data and processing it on screen and also allowing you to interact in realtime with the software using a controller , yea it takes a lot more power to do that than it does to play something back .... it's just that simple.

If you don't think their is any point to it why are you posting? TROLLING!!!

Everyone who was involved with the Xbox 1 scene would love to see something like XBMC on the 360 , with an opensource and working Codec library this can be possible. Without one it's not , opensource doesn't really matter except for other developers to create things with them , whatever a working codec library is a very good thing. This isn't just news it's BIG news.

Yes an Xbox 360 is a "Video game console" ; but let me ask you this , is that what MS markets it as? No not by any means , it also has netflix , a built in albeit shitty media player , and social networking. I have a PC I can play games on it , I can run Netflix or Windows Media Center , social network , word process etc ... the difference is the nice tight package , custom software that works better with a hand held controller on the 360 , and the lack of certain other features which are truly pointless on a media device. When the first game systems came out , the reason they only played games is because that's all they had power to do. It's 2011 get with the damn times.

Now on the point of their being better options for playing media I.E Apple T.V .... that's fine if that is your opinion ... but this is Xbox-Scene we are all here because we have Xboxes and we like modding them, it's not Apple T.V-Scene or Ubuntu Scene. Sure their are those sections down in the forums , but the name says enough. We are all supposed to be here to better the scene , to help it move forward. If you can only contribute ungrateful comments just go away

Ok i'm done ranting; let's hope for a great future for homebrew .... this is a big deal.
Thank you too all those involved in finally making this a reality

#10 radoman


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Posted 11 April 2011 - 08:44 AM

Amen to that jugga.

Thanks to all involved. This is looking very promising indeed.

#11 Grim187


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Posted 11 April 2011 - 10:21 AM

IPB Image

That Was Fast.


#12 royvedas


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Posted 11 April 2011 - 12:05 PM

"I wants!", I says!

#13 MinerWilly


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Posted 11 April 2011 - 12:08 PM

"There are plans to integrate video playback within our favorite dashboard smile.gif"

Exciting stuff! love.gif

#14 jappi88


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Posted 11 April 2011 - 12:46 PM

awesome news biggrin.gif , i hope they add .srt support too, my jtag (jasper 512mb) is now more precious then ever love.gif

#15 hfmls


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Posted 11 April 2011 - 01:52 PM

yes, .srt support is a must too smile.gif
this is going really fast. Plus opensource will be great.

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