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Hot Swap Xbox With 1 Ide Channel

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#1 tootallofwa


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Posted 27 April 2011 - 05:32 AM

I was in a panic... I desperately wanted to try the hot swap, my first ever.
My pc has only 1 IDE channel with six sata ports.

I tried to boot from my XboxHDM v1.9 created Linux disk with the Xbox drive plugged into the end of the IDE cable. Files loaded... but xbrowser could not find my sata dvd drive.

So I dug out a ATA dvd reader, set it ot cable select and put it on the middle plug of my IDE cable.
BIOS couldn't find either drive during the hot swap.

Then I put the Xbox drive as master and the ATA dvd drive as slave. I booted to the XboxHDM v1.9 ISO disk Both BIOS and xbrowser found both drives... It seemed to take 20 min to do the backup and file transfer once I started option 1. A CD drive should work too.

All went well. The Xbox doesn't seem to care that it has a master drive now because I never set the jumper back.

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#2 xsy77


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Posted 08 September 2011 - 11:50 PM

I am having a similar problem.

My xbox 1 chip just died so i have been trying to softmod my xbox. I dont have splinter cell or the USB cable or whatever so this method sounded perfect.

I get right upto the point where you type xbrowser and i get "Table couldnt be loaded" or whatever.
I searched around and read that this was because i am NOT unlocking my drive.

Or it could be that my drive has already been setup as it was used with a chip for many years ???

My conundrum: my PC only has 1 IDE port. I have a PCI RAID card which hosts my other HDD's but it does not appear to be bootable. (trust me i have trawled through my BIOS with no option to boot from any drives connected to the RAID, It doesn't even see them infact).

So i tried multiple hotswap attempts with multiple jumper settings with various timings and unlocking methods ( all with CD drive and xbox hard drive on the same IDE channel and CANT get it to work. I have very nearly
given up hope.

I did try and make a Bootbale USB to host the XboxHDM image which i though was the solution as i got it to boot but it just said Cant find CD or something after you press 1 or 2 at the menu. Should i try to revisit this if I change a setting somewhere???

Please help me ... pretty please?


#3 Heimdall


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Posted 09 September 2011 - 01:21 AM

Use xboxhdm 2.2, or 2.1 if you have a problem with 2.2.

#4 xsy77


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Posted 11 September 2011 - 10:53 PM

QUOTE(Heimdall @ Sep 9 2011, 12:21 AM) View Post

Use xboxhdm 2.2, or 2.1 if you have a problem with 2.2.

I don't think the software is the issue.

Has any1 managed to succeed using a setup like mine?


#5 shambles1980


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Posted 12 September 2011 - 01:09 AM

(the following assumes you have correctly populated xboxhdm 1.9 and made the disk 100% properly. it also assumes that you understand jumper settings)

i use xboxhdm 1.9 and only need 1 ide channel.
the hard disk is the primary master.
the Cd/dvd drive is the primary slave..
if yoru hotswaping you need to do the following..

open the xbox. Discconnect the hard drive from the xbox and remove it from the black plastic tray.
Reconnect the hard disk to the xbox but only press the ide cable in as far as it has to be to actually work.
Disconnect the yellow cable from the xbox dvd player.
Move your xbox as close as possible to your pc and if possible have the pc dvd player outside of the pc so its easier to access the ide cable. be sure you have the xbox AV cable in or this wont work. Preferably have the xbox connected to a tv close by so you can see..

power on the xbox (without the chip attacehd) Wait till mictrosoft appears under the X after the flubber screen..
Dissconnect the ide cable from the xbox hard disk (do not power off the xbox, do not remove the power from the hard disk..
Connect the hard disk to your pc ribon cable. (nop tv close? you will need to time how long it takes for the microsoft logo to appear under the x usually, and then use that time frame to do it blind, but you still need the av pack connected)

Boot with xboxhdm and use that to build your hard disk. It will take some time. DO NOT decide its being slow and stop the process..

when the hard disk is built Dissconnect the hard disk from the pc and connect it to your xbox ide.
you can then restart the xbox.

provided that you had built the disk corerctly. Your xbox did not power off, your pc did not crap out. and the hotswap did not destroy your hard disk you should be good..

"WAIT A MINUET NOW, I have more to say.. "

its quite common for the PCI raid controller to only be activated after the post so its unlikley to boot but you could try to enable boot from other devices, of course,.. if you have a bootable usb drive. you may well want to install a copy of windows on to it and use that as a boot drive (provided you have enough space on it for windows. )
if you can do that then i would do the fololowing..

Same hotswap but boot to windows with usb drive not xboxhdm, then run xplorer360 when in windows. then you can simply move the moded files to C and E drive leaving all other files alone.
you would probably want to try and get the moded files from hexen "heimdalls xbox engineering disk" or one of the other utility disks. including the ndure installer that is advized in the xboxhdm hotswap tutorials.
"Top tip: when using xplorer360 move 1 file or folder at a time to prevent things going pear shaped"

if whilst your in there you happen to find a eeprom.bin file Copy that to your pc.

once you have the modded files on the xbox's hard disk, again you would need to dissconnect the hard disk from the pc and connect it to the xbox and then you can restart the xbox.

Before you do anything els with the xbox (after you confirm that it boots the softmod)
reboot the xbox with hexen in the drive. and then use that to reinstall the softmod.

remember burn hexen to dvd-R at slowest possible speeds to give you the best possible compatibility.

(ok i should be done now. I may edit a few more times though but thats the jist of it)

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