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Windows (nettop) Port?

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Posted 30 April 2011 - 10:25 AM

I was glad to find this forum and that work is still ongoing (thanks madmab) on these excellent emulators.

I was wondering if there was a port of the XPort emulators to Windows in progress or if there were a similar set of emulators for multiple systems? Of course, Windows has an excellent selection of up-to-date emulators but it is the consistent controller-driven UI that the XPort emulators are unparalleled in.

The sole purpose of my old XBox now is to play the XPort emulators, with XBMC now having moved to an Acer Revo 3610 (HD playback, dual core, slimline and quiet). I have a wired XBox 360 USB controller wired to Windows and I play some emulators using this controller, but I constantly have to switch between mouse/keyboard/controller every time I want to configure the emulator or switch to a different emulator. The XPort emulators in conjunction with a menu system on the old XBox was far more civilized.

I imagine that porting the XPort emulators to Windows wouldn't be a huge amount of work with some assumptions regarding the controllers (initially support only the 360 controller for example). The XDK libraries would need to be mapped to DirectX 9.0 counterparts but given that the XDK is pretty much DirectX 7 anyway I shouldn't imagine it would be too difficult.

The display code would need some small tweaks I would also imagine as there are a greater number of possible resolutions in Windows plus multiple displays (although this could be ignored initially). At the same time as porting to Windows it might also be worth porting to the PS3/Linux with OpenGL/OS bindings. I shouldn't think there are any functions in the XDK that don't have equivilents in Linux/Windows/PS3.

I'm also aware of emulator front-ends such as Maximus Arcade and GameEx but these systems require separate configuration of each emulator and don't allow for xcopy type deployment. Additionally, there is no consistent UI for tweaking emulation settings within the spawned emulation engines which are written with separate UI paradigms in mind.

The XPort emulators need to live, and to live, they need to be able to move to platforms that are living. XBMC made the transition and it would be great if XPort could too. Unfortunately, I'm too busy now with other projects to take on the porting myself, but I'm sure that if no-one else has taken up the gauntlet in a year or two, I'll give it go myself.

XPort/Madmab have already done the hard lifting, maybe I'm mistaken to think that porting to an additional platform is the easy part?

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