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Has Anyone Got Good Profiles For Mewmod?

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#1 Orlocks


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Posted 02 May 2011 - 09:24 PM

Hey every1

Recently I downloaded MewMod and got it on my Xbox however I find it fairly hard to create my own profiles for it. An friend told me to get it but he have no idea how to create profiles either:P

The default ones work and i'm sure there's better about. So, have you got any profiles? Please share them:D

The website is mewmod.com

It seems fairly new so I'm going to support them for a while (since it works)
I couldn't mod before because everything needed hardware changes but this one worked as it said with no changes to the hardware <3

For those who don't know what MewMod is, I quoted some of the homepage for you:

Welcome to a newly developed xbox 360 mod! This mod requires no modifications of the hardware. All you need is an USB stick, this mod and of course and xbox 360.
The best thing about this mod is that it manipulates the Xbox 360 console software. When the USB stick is inserted it will automatically install the mod. To uninstall all you need is to download another file and place it on your USB stick. Download it here
Why this mod?
This works on all xbox 360 consoles and you do not even need to modify the hardware! Everything is done virtually meaning you can enjoy it without a risk of damaging your consoles insides. This mod is unique and we have profiles which you can use on your modded console. Profiles are hacks/cheats which run on your modded console (running the MewMod) For example, in Black Ops Multiplayer there is a profile which can make you have an aimbot or even 15th prestige!
Best of all, this mod is free and easy to use.
Got an problem? Email us at support@mewmod.com!

(btw don't say stuff about "mods will get you banned" or "gtfo modder you will get banned" I mod because I want to and have used this one for a few days and have not received an ban. So be quiet, please:))

#2 Clockface


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Posted 01 June 2011 - 03:31 PM

I take it this is a scam?

It's a (supposed) XBox 360 hack (so it's in the wrong forums anyway, as these are the XBox 1 forums), that claims to allow you run pirated games without any sort of hardware hack, and also to be able to cheat online using aimbots and other braindead **** like that (I hate people who cheat online). Funny that this can all be done from software and yet no one seems to have heard of this exploit before.

From the looks of it, you can't download the file unless you first sign up to some apparently less than reputable sites, which makes me even more certain that it's a scam.

Mods, please delete this thread (unless it is real, I suppose, which I'm 99.99% certain it's not).

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