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Kexec-loader On Non-xdsl Distro

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Posted 22 June 2011 - 03:38 PM


Before I stopped messing around with Xdsl, I had been testing the 'kexec-loader' package from the Debian Sarge backports repo.

What I had wanted to do was use it to use Linux itself (Xdsl; apt enabled) as a boot manager as outlined in the thread below.


*** Direct transition to DOS/Win9x from within Linux ***

By using kexec, we can easily boot into DOS/Win9x from a running Linux system.

If WIN98.IMG is a bootable hard-disk image, do as follows:

kexec -l grub.exe --initrd=WIN98.IMG --command-line="--config-file=map (rd) (hd0); map --hook; chainloader (hd0)+1; rootnoverify (hd0)"

kexec -e

If DOS.IMG is a bootable floppy image, do this way:

kexec -l grub.exe --initrd=DOS.IMG --command-line="--config-file=map (rd) (fd0); map --hook; chainloader (fd0)+1; rootnoverify (fd0)"

kexec -e

Note that in this manner, we can boot DOS/Win9x without using a real DOS/Win9x
disk. We need no FAT partition but an image file.

We have noticed that Linux itself can act as a big boot manager by using kexec
and grub.exe. This may be convenient to developers who write installation or
bootstrap or initialization programs.

After doing some preliminary tests, I couldn't get kexec to load, let alone boot, 'grub4dos' as it reported back some errors.

Now I hadn't had to the chance to test it with a separate Linux kernel, legacy GRUB package, or chainloading a floppy image of either DOS/Win98.

I was hoping someone else here could test the kexec-loader in a different Xbox distro, which should have more up to date packages.

Xebian (updated to Etch?), Gentoox, etc...

I will mention that even if I had been successful in booting grub4dos, dos, another linux kernel, I have no idea how this would translate to the bios, driver, etc. requirements of the booted environments.

Maybe someone with a better grasp on the Xbox specifications could comment on this?

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Posted 24 June 2011 - 05:00 PM

Kexec support need to compiled in the kernel. On embedded devices, there's kexecboot.

In the boot sequence for Xbox Linux, you have the choice of starting with either Cromwell bios or Xromwell XBE. Grub4Xbox and the like won't work. But once kernel has started, kexec should work. I compiled kexec support while working on MC Linux but have yet to get to the point of testing kexec userland tool.

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