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Spoofed Phat Benq To Liteon (rev 02510c) With New Lt 1.9... Questions

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Posted 22 June 2011 - 06:30 PM

Hello guyz! smile.gif

I have some questions and at the end an idea and I need your opinion about that...
Anywayz here is my story:

I have a phat xb0x with LiteOn 83850C on it. I also have from my old console, a BenQ drive.
I spoofed the BenQ drive to LiteOn with the LiteOn's key and everything and I did this... every time I wanted to play an original disc (on LIVE or Offline), I had on my console the LiteOn with it's own Stock firmware.
And every time I wanted to play a backup (Offline always, no ethernet cables connected), I swapped the drives and I put the BenQ with the CFW on it and everything was fine. Swapping (and lot's of luck of course tongue.gif) saved me for 2,5 years now.

Now the thing...
I saw that the latest version of JF doesn't support cross spoofing from different models. I know that spoofing it's not recommended for LIVE but I use it only to play OFFLINE!
I looked at the program and I found that we still can spoof the new BenQ firmware (rev 04421C) but only to look like LiteOn but with the old firmware revision (83850C) like in the picture below:

IPB Image

Why is that happening and there's no support for newest firmware revisions for spoofing but there only for the old revisions?
Of course M$ can catch you on LIVE with spoofed drive, but offline maybe there's a chance to "escape" tongue.gif
But now it's even easier for them cause if you spoof your BenQ drive and looks like 83850C and you swap drives with one with the newest revision (02510C) they can look (if there is a log somewhere in the console) that you have two different drives! You can't play with two revisions... you got the point I guess

Now my idea is...
I spoofed the BenQ firmware to looks like a LiteOn with rev 83850C and after that I got a little Hex Editing in the file to make it look like a spoofed with rev 02510C... even JF shows that is spoofed with the new firm revision!

IPB Image

Is it safer to spoof my BenQ with JF's option for 83850C or it's good to use my Hex edited one?
Can I flash my BenQ with the Hex Edited file (for OFFLINE play only), will it work or I'll brick my BenQ drive?
What do you think?

Ideas, answers, opinions all welcome, please! smile.gif

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Posted 31 October 2011 - 04:18 AM

im wondering these same things. id love to be able to spoof my spare benq as liteon 02510c.

have you come up with anything further? i too am playing offline.

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Posted 02 November 2011 - 03:16 AM

Benq's AP25 response may be different than LO-D2S's.
Hence, the kernel will expect a LO-D2S AP25 response, but will get a Benq one instead.
So playing AP25 games is a Bad Idea with a spoofed drive, because unless you're c4eva, you likely can't patch a benq into sending a LO-D2S AP25 response tongue.gif

Playing non-AP25 games is a maybe.

In any case, you're upgrading the fw to play xgd3 origs/rips, which are AP25. So, you're kinda ****ed.

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